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Why Join the ATI Family?

Our goal at ATI Restoration is to grow as the nation’s largest family-operated restoration contractor. Let’s work together to achieve our goals.

ATI Restoration has become one of the most trusted names in disaster recovery. We provide a peerless customer experience made possible by our focus on employee development. This emphasis on enriching and empowering our team extends to the companies acquired by ATI Restoration. We build on the legacy you have built, viewing you as a key partner in expanding our nationwide capabilities.

Whether you are just getting your restoration business off the ground or you have been in the industry for decades, ATI Restoration offers owners a host of unique benefits. If you decide that acquisition by ATI Restoration is right for you, you can expect the following:

Value of People

You've invested in your employees. A key component of our merger and acquisition strategy is to assess the value added by the people at your company.

We regularly promote exceptional individuals at the companies we acquire. This gives ATI Restoration the benefit of their experience and expertise while providing employees with opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Employee Recruiting, Training & Benefits

People are the key to our success. We seek out only the best restorers and support staff in the business. Team members at ATI Restoration enjoy industry-leading compensation and benefits. We also invest heavily in education and training for everyone from CSRs to the technicians in the field.

Our employee retention rate is much higher than the industry average. We prioritize retention of valued employees in the course of mergers and acquisitions. You’ve taken the time and made the effort to build a winning team, and we want them to become a part of the ATI Family as well.

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Operational Support & Procurement

ATI Restoration provides high-quality customer service 24/7/365. Our team is made up of experts in their fields. We have 70+ locations nationwide and a fleet of preloaded CAT trailers ready to respond at a moment’s notice. For partners, these resources represent a massive expansion of their operational capabilities.

Partnering with ATI also means no more worries when it comes to sourcing supplies and finding, moving, and maintaining equipment. ATI Restoration offers superior service agreements with vendors and delivers top-of-the-line equipment faster and cheaper.

Partner with the Largest Family-Operated Disaster Recovery Firm in the U.S.

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How We Built Our Business

Doing the right thing is a major part of our business philosophy at ATI Restoration. This means not only doing the right thing for our customers, but for the members of our business family.

We succeed because we make the right investments and formulate the right plans for growth. This would not be possible without hard work, commitment, and a clear vision of who we are and what we offer.

Company Culture

Success starts at the top. Our leadership team embodies the practices of our core values every day. We lead by example and reinforce the type of behavior we want to see by recognizing employees on public platforms both verbally and through our intranet.

We are defined by our customers’ satisfaction. A team that works together with a collective goal to improve the customer experience creates an internal culture of collaboration and shared success.

Customer Care

ATI combines the agility and personal touch of a family-run company with the resources and capabilities of an industry leader. A corporate culture of respect for the human story behind every disaster is instilled at every level. Approaching each job with compassion translates to unparalleled customer focus and support during life’s most stressful events.

Our work is driven by the pillars found in the acronym ATI CARES. By living these core values in all aspects of our work, we have been able to realize our founder’s vision of treating disaster recovery customers with personalized attention, care, and empathy.

A Company Focused on Growth

We have reached multiple expansion benchmarks in our more than 30 years of operations. Originally based in California, we have expanded into multiple regions with locations in more than 20 states. Today, we remain committed to growing our company through strategic partnerships and acquisitions — with a major emphasis on growing the commercial restoration side of the businesses we acquire.

The entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged at ATI Restoration. We strive to build a collaborative team of independent owners. This spirit is infectious, creating a mix of autonomy and collaboration that helps everyone at the company feel empowered in their role.

  • Revenue: Up 46%
  • Gross margins: Up 6%

  • Revenue: Up 16%
  • EBITDA: Up 140%

  • EBITDA: Up 33%
  • EBITDA Margins: Up 6%

  • Revenue: Up 12%
  • EBITDA: Up 32%

  • Revenue: Up 30%
  • Gross margins: Up 2%

  • Gross Margins: Up 3%

  • Revenue: Up 26%
  • EBITDA: Up 19%

  • Revenue: Up 23%
  • EBITDA: Up 99%

  • EBITDA: Up 37%
  • EBITDA Margins: Up 5%

  • Revenue: Up 12%
  • Gross Margins: Up 3%

  • Gross margins: Up 17%

  • Revenue: Up 12%
  • EBITDA: Up 140%

  • Gross margins: Up 10%
  • EBITDA: Up 67%

  • EBITDA: Up 37%
  • EBITDA Margins: Up 3%

  • Revenue: Up 19%
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We Care About Our Employees, Clients & Community

Owner Testimonials

Lawrence Nelson

Jeff, he’s a straight shooter. Even as we went through the process, even due diligence, if there was ever something that our attorneys didn’t agree on, Jeff is that guy you could call and say, ‘Jeff, let’s get this thing figured out.'

Lawrence Nelson · Founder, Lang Restoration

Owner Story

There's only one choice, it's ATI.

Barry Garson · Sales Manager, J&M Keystone

Owner Story

There was a pretty significant weight off my shoulders, knowing that we now have this huge company behind us.

Gus Timbers · Founder, ProCare Solutions

Owner Story

Jeff has a very good ability to judge character. He's done an amazing job of picking people and putting them in positions that are good fits.

Jim Bronson · Co-Founder, J&M Keystone

ATI in Our Community

We have always believed in giving back, particularly when it comes to causes that empower children and families. We work with charitable organizations in our local communities and invest in neighborhoods where we live and work, offering up our time and resources to make a meaningful difference. Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals is ATI’s national charity of choice, and we are honored to partner with them as we extend our care and compassion to countless young lives.

M&A Leadership

Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused, and experienced individuals. Meet ATI’s executive team and learn more about their role, background, and how they are impacting the world of restoration.

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"At the end of the day, we are a family business and we’re looking to partner with businesses that have a similar culture. We are looking for versions of ourselves. I’m looking for owners that remind me of my dad."

- Jeff Moore, ATI President and Chief Acquisitions Officer

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