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With 65+ regional offices and more than 35 years of service, ATI Restoration has streamlined the restoration process for state and local governments. Our responsiveness and one-stop-shop capabilities for disaster recovery mean our state and municipal clients get back to business on or ahead of schedule. When your region depends on your office being open for business as usual, we are ready to make that happen with our comprehensive disaster recovery services.

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24/7 Emergency Response

ATI Restoration offers a 24-Hour Emergency Response for state and municipal governments facing man-made and natural disasters. Our licensed and experienced technicians come from a variety of trade backgrounds, enabling us to address damage to all types of government buildings—even those with historic value.

Able to get to work quickly, we can restore entire buildings from the ground up or isolate damaged areas to ensure operational continuity. You can rely on ATI Restoration for active communication throughout the restoration or reconstruction process, providing peace of mind for all invested parties.

Trusted by State & Local Governments Across the Nation

ATI Restoration has completed more than 2,000 projects on behalf of state, county, city/township, port district, public utilities, and tribal government clients. We are well-versed in the public sector and can readily provide state and local governments with a variety of contracts and cooperative purchasing options to facilitate access to our disaster recovery services.

Addressing issues at city offices, university buildings, airports, operational facilities, and more, we do everything possible to reduce service disruptions and maintain the continuity residents and employees rely on.

ATI abides by the rules and regulations for our federal, state and local clients.

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What Makes ATI Restoration the Right Choice?

At ATI Restoration, our services are designed to cater to the diverse infrastructure of state and municipal governments. We have created a streamlined process for disaster recovery, ensuring that each service is aligned with the unique needs and protocols of various governmental facilities. This approach not only ensures rapid response but also adheres to the pre-established frameworks of each entity, minimizing operational disruptions and expediting recovery.

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Unlike other contractors who subcontract portions of each job, our team is capable of handling all aspects of restoration and recovery in-house. This provides many benefits, including our ability to ensure rapid results without compromising quality workmanship. We are committed to doing the right thing, always, and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Emergency Response & Preparedness

An Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) with ATI Restoration provides a predefined, strategic framework for disaster recovery. Our agreement establishes priority response, delineates the scope of services, and sets response times. This ensures a prompt, coordinated, and effective reaction to emergencies.

By proactively defining the disaster recovery process, an ERA enables governmental bodies to manage crises efficiently and minimize disruption to public services and infrastructure. This preparedness in the face of disaster helps state and municipal governments quickly transition from normal operations to a well-organized emergency response, maintaining stability and public trust.


Our specialized knowledge in collaborating with state and municipal governments is unmatched. We navigate Co-Op agreements with proficiency and have established strong relationships with third-party Business Management Organizations like KCorp. These relationships, coupled with our ability to work seamlessly with the General Services Administration, make us the go-to choice for disaster recovery in the governmental sector.

ATI’s speedy response capability is a cornerstone of our service offering. In emergencies, we can provide rapid Time and Materials P.O., ensuring that response efforts begin without delay. Our preparedness and prompt action are critical in mitigating damage and swiftly restoring normalcy to government operations.

Choosing ATI Restoration means partnering with a team that places communication at the forefront of every operation. Our commitment to clear, proactive communication ensures that clients and employees are always informed and engaged, fostering a relationship of trust and respect. This approach allows us to respond efficiently and effectively, treating each client with the utmost priority and ensuring that every project is managed with the same level of care and attention.

We embody a culture of continuous improvement, integrity, and mutual respect, which translates into exceptional service and results for government clients. You can expect a partnership that exceeds your expectations, delivering unparalleled service and fostering a positive, productive relationship.

Case Studies & Success Stories
States & Municipalities

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration for a Local Government

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Project Management Designed for Government Protocols

When it comes to state and municipal governance, operational integrity and public trust are essential. Our team is adept at managing the unique challenges faced by government entities, recognizing the necessity for a thorough and coordinated approach.

Our project management framework is tailored to meet the stringent standards of state and municipal governments, ensuring a recovery process that is both efficient and compliant.


Tailored Project Management

Our services are custom-designed to align with the specific operational frameworks and protocols of state and municipal governments. We consider the nuanced requirements of each government entity, taking a project management approach that integrates seamlessly with existing processes.


Comprehensive Integration & Coordination

ATI Restoration’s project management extends beyond mere restoration, encompassing total integration with government systems and coordination among various departments. This ensures that the recovery process supports continuous public service delivery, minimizing disruption to the community.


Specialized Services for Government Facilities

Our offerings include a broad spectrum of services tailored to address the common and unique challenges faced by government entities. This includes everything from structural repairs and mold remediation to sensitive document recovery and infrastructure restoration.


Prioritized Response & Efficient Execution

Recognizing the urgency inherent in government operations, ATI provides prioritized response services that emphasize rapid deployment and swift action to mitigate damages. Our Emergency Response Agreement guarantees immediate attention, reducing downtime and accelerating the path to normalcy.


Regulatory Compliance & Quality Control

Compliance with government standards is at the core of our operations. Our rigorous quality control measures and compliance protocols see that every aspect of the disaster recovery process adheres to the highest regulatory standards, maintaining the integrity and security of government operations.

Through strategic planning, precise execution, and unwavering adherence to governmental standards, ATI Restoration makes sure that state and municipal governments receive the highest level of service, safeguarding public assets and trust in the face of any disaster.

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Available 24/7/365, ATI Restoration is here when you need us most. With our 24-Hour Emergency Response service, we can dispatch a team of qualified, IICRC-certified restoration professionals to your site without delay. ATI Restoration offers expert, expeditious, and efficient disaster recovery services that work to assist in the continuity of public service operations.

Contact us today to learn about our Emergency Response Agreement and how we can help ensure your needs are prioritized following water intrusion, fire damage, mold infestation, and more.

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