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Board-Up Services for Homes Nationwide

ATI Restoration is here to provide essential residential emergency board-up services when you face an unexpected disaster in your home. No one expects a fire, flood, vehicle impact, or other disaster to strike their property, and they are rarely sure what steps to take next. Our team of restoration experts is equipped to evaluate damage from natural or manmade events swiftly, tailoring our approach to suit your unique needs effectively.

As the nation’s largest family-operated damage restoration company, ATI Restoration has forged a strong presence. We have over 60 offices across the U.S. and are renowned for our exceptional skills, transparent communication, and rapid response. Our IICRC-certified technicians bring expertise and experience, ensuring top-quality service in even the most challenging situations.

In moments of crisis, quick action is key. Reach out to ATI Restoration online or by phone for immediate assistance. Whether you need residential board-up services or more extensive restoration, our reconstruction specialists are on standby round the clock with our 24-Hour Emergency Response. ATI Restoration is committed to ensuring security and peace of mind when it matters most.

ATI Restoration specializes in both residential and commercial board-ups.

What Is a Board-Up Service?

Residential board-up services are a crucial emergency response provided by restoration companies like ATI, particularly after a property has suffered damage from events like storms, fires, or vandalism. It involves securely covering broken windows, damaged doors, and any breaches in the property’s structure using sturdy materials like plywood. This service is essential for protecting the property from further damage, weather elements, theft, or trespassing, ensuring the safety and security of your home until repair work can commence.

Our Residential Board-Up Services

ATI Restoration recognizes how stressful emergency situations can be for homeowners. Our superior residential emergency board-up services are designed with rapid response and exceptional customer care in mind. We understand the urgency and fear that come with such events and are committed to easing your worries with our prompt, skilled, and empathetic approach.

Learn more about our company culture and values at ATI CARES.

Our experienced, IICRC-certified professionals are trained to handle emergencies quickly and efficiently, easing your mind through our reliable services.



Following any disaster, ATI Restoration’s first step is a comprehensive cleanup. This vital process involves clearing debris, safely removing hazardous materials, and eradicating potential safety risks. Our expert team meticulously cleans the affected area, ensuring it’s free of hazards and ready for the next steps of residential damage restoration.

Roof Tarping

In the event of roof damage, quick action is critical to protect your property from further harm. ATI Restoration provides efficient roof tarping services using high-quality materials to shield your home from the elements. This temporary solution is expertly applied to prevent additional damage from weather exposure until permanent repairs are possible.

Window Boards

To secure and preserve the integrity of your property, ATI Restoration offers window boarding solutions. Our durable boards effectively seal broken windows to safeguard your home against weather, unlawful entry, and vandalism. This immediate measure provides protection and reassurance during the restoration phase.

Temporary Fencing

For enhanced perimeter security, ATI Restoration’s temporary fencing service is invaluable. Our fencing solutions act as a strong barrier, preventing unauthorized access and protecting against trespassing and vandalism. This visible and effective deterrent is important for maintaining the security and privacy of your property during vulnerable times.

Quality Materials

In residential emergency board-up situations, the caliber of materials used is paramount. ATI Restoration uses strong and dependable materials for boarding up to provide maximum protection for your home. We understand that the right materials, combined with expert installation, are crucial in securing your property effectively after a disaster.

The Emergency Board-Up Process

ATI Restoration’s emergency board-up process is meticulously planned and executed, ensuring the utmost protection for your property. We understand the stress and urgency of such situations, and our approach is designed to address your specific needs with precision and care.


Thorough Risk Assessment

Our process begins with an in-depth risk assessment conducted by our IICRC-certified technicians. This evaluation considers the extent of damage, structural integrity, environmental factors, and security risks. This comprehensive analysis allows us to tailor our board-up strategy to effectively safeguard your property against further harm.


Expert Material Selection

We offer a variety of high-quality materials for our residential board-up services, each selected for its durability and suitability for your property's needs. From sturdy window boarding options to resilient roof tarping solutions, our materials are chosen to withstand harsh conditions and protect against intrusions.


Clear Communication

Transparency is key in our service. We ensure you're fully informed about the options available and help you understand the pros and cons of each choice. This clear communication empowers you to make the best decisions for your property’s safety.


Tailored Solutions

Recognizing that each emergency is unique, we customize our board-up services to your property's specific requirements. Our experts carefully consider every aspect to provide the most effective and secure solutions.


Skilled Installation

The success of residential emergency board-up services also depends on expert installation. Our technicians are adept at securely installing materials to provide comprehensive protection. We leave no vulnerabilities, focusing on safeguarding your property to the highest standard.

At ATI Restoration, we combine reliable materials, expert skills, and a commitment to customer service to ensure that you and your property receive the best possible care during the board-up process.

How Do Board Ups Protect Buildings Post-Disaster?

Board-up services are vital in safeguarding buildings after a disaster has occurred. They offer several key protections:

  • Securing Exposed Areas: Board-ups cover broken windows and damaged doors, preventing further exposure to the elements and reducing the risk of additional damage from weather conditions.
  • Deterring Unauthorized Access: By sealing off entry points, board-ups help prevent looting, vandalism, and unauthorized entry into the compromised residence.
  • Preventing Animal Intrusion: Sealed openings keep out wildlife or stray animals that might enter and cause further damage or pose health risks.
  • Maintaining Structural Stability: They provide temporary support to weakened structures, helping to prevent collapses or further deterioration until permanent repairs can be made.
  • Safety Assurance: Board-ups ensure safety by eliminating hazards posed by shattered glass or unstable entrances and protecting cleanup and repair crews and the public.

In the aftermath of a disaster, ATI Restoration’s residential emergency board-up services play an important role in protecting and stabilizing affected buildings. Our approach ensures that your property remains secure and as intact as possible, setting a solid foundation for the subsequent restoration and repair processes.

How Are Board-Ups Effective in Readying for Storms and Natural Disasters?

Board-up services play a crucial role in preparing and protecting properties from the impacts of storms and natural disasters. Here’s how these services effectively ready your home for such events:

  • Preventative Shielding: Board-ups act as a protective barrier against high winds, flying debris, and heavy rain, reducing the risk of windows breaking and interior damage.
  • Structural Integrity Maintenance: By securing vulnerable points like windows and doors, board-ups help maintain the overall structural integrity of a building during violent weather conditions.
  • Water Intrusion Minimization: Properly installed boards can significantly reduce the amount of water that enters the property, lessening potential water damage.
  • Enhanced Security: They provide an additional layer of security, deterring unauthorized entry into evacuated or temporarily unoccupied homes during a disaster.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your property is fortified against impending storms, natural disasters, and vandals can provide immense peace of mind.

ATI Restoration’s residential board-up services are an essential aspect of disaster preparedness. Our expert technicians ensure that your home is equipped with durable and effective defenses against the unpredictable nature of storms and natural disasters, helping to mitigate potential damage and ensure the safety of your property.

Why Choose ATI Restoration for Residential Emergency Board-Up Services?

At ATI Restoration, our unwavering commitment to outstanding service defines our approach. We recognize the difficulties homeowners encounter following a fire, natural disaster, or vehicle impact, and we are devoted to restoring your everyday life as quickly as possible. Here are the qualities that characterize our unmatched expertise in residential emergency board-up services:

Available 24/7/365

ATI Restoration is ready to respond around the clock. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response ensures timely and efficient service.

Skilled Technicians

Our team of IICRC-certified technicians brings unparalleled skill and experience, ensuring top-tier service in every emergency board-up situation.

Cutting-Edge Technology

ATI Restoration utilizes the latest technology, offering advanced solutions for the most effective board-up services.

Sterling Reputation

With over 30 years of trusted service, ATI Restoration has built a reputation for excellence in board-ups and residential disaster restoration.

Comprehensive Services

ATI Restoration goes beyond just board-ups. Our team is the one-stop solution for any emergency, from fire damage to water damage and more.

Focus on Quality

Quality is at the heart of our work. ATI Restoration prioritizes high standards and superior materials for durable, reliable restoration services.

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In the wake of a disaster, immediate action is vital. ATI Restoration stands ready to address your needs swiftly, whether they stem from natural events or human causes. Our top-tier residential emergency board-up services, delivered by IICRC-certified professionals, combine unmatched expertise and industry insight. We take pride in our nationwide reputation for excellence in every task we undertake.

For urgent board-up requirements across the United States, contact ATI Restoration. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response team is always on standby 24/7/365, ready to provide expert assistance and ensure your safety and peace of mind in critical times.

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