Expert Disaster Restoration for Multifamily Properties

Disasters can force the tenants of a multifamily property out of their homes. Prompt response is essential for minimizing lost rent and displacement costs and effectively addressing resident concerns. ATI Restoration works with property owners and managers to make the premises safe and comfortable once again.

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Getting You Back to Business & Bringing People Home

As experts in both residential and commercial damage restoration, our multifamily disaster recovery services are unequaled. No matter the complexity, we are up to the task of restoring all types of multifamily properties. These include:

This is not an exhaustive list. If you own or operate any kind of multifamily property that has been damaged by a disaster, we encourage you to contact ATI Restoration immediately.

What’s the Word About ATI in the Multifamily Housing Industry?

Founded in 1989, ATI Restoration has built a sterling reputation. We specialize in all aspects of disaster recovery for multifamily properties. Residents, owners, property management companies, insurance carriers, and other parties within the industry trust us to get the job done right.

Clients and partners praise our responsiveness, full-service capabilities, communication, and the quality of the people we hire. Overall, this has made us the go-to company nationwide for multifamily property restoration.

ATI's Services for Property Management

24-Hour Emergency Response for Multifamily Properties

Restoration and repairs need to get underway as soon as possible to ensure your business is protected and occupancy can resume. With our 24-Hour Emergency Response, ATI Restoration can address the concerns of all parties (owners, property managers and residents) right away.

We answer the phones 24/7/365 and dispatch crews within one day of receiving the call. You can count on our highly qualified professionals to waste no time assessing the damage and scoping out repairs.

Tenants are pressing you for answers after a catastrophe. ATI Restoration prioritizes responsiveness, enabling multifamily properties to resume operations quickly and giving business owners, staff, and residents peace of mind.

Prepare for Disasters Before They Happen

Shelter is a fundamental human need. With multifamily properties, any type of damage or loss can affect not only your livelihood but the lives of your residents. Having a disaster recovery plan in place helps to expedite restoration efforts. ATI Restoration is the optimal vendor.

We offer commercial clients an Emergency Response Agreement (ERA). The ERA establishes a vendor relationship that streamlines the recovery process following a disaster. Our team works with all stakeholders to complement their current contingency plans and define ATI’s role in providing emergency services.


Clients with an ERA get priority service. All you have to do is call our emergency line, and a crew will arrive on property ASAP. This ensures a timely response amid the pandemonium caused by commercial property damage (including man-made and natural disasters).

ATI Restoration covers the entire continental United States. Our 65+ locations enable us to respond to disasters throughout the lower 48. We match the location of the client’s assets with the nearest ATI office, ensuring that crews and equipment get there fast and emergency repairs get started without delay.

You don’t need delays and you don’t need hassles when your property is damaged. ATI Restoration maintains the highest standard of service. From the moment we arrive on site, you can expect that the loss will be handled with skill and professionalism.

Large projects and major damages often overwhelm smaller companies. ATI Restoration has the resources and industry knowledge to respond effectively to all types of losses. With an ERA, your property receives immediate attention from qualified experts. Our team strives for excellence in everything they do.

Can ATI Service All of My Properties?

Whether you have multiple properties in a single city or provide multifamily housing throughout the country, ATI Restoration can service all of your properties. If you need a partner to provide emergency recovery services for all of your multifamily properties, we strongly recommend an Emergency Response Agreement.

Having an ERA guarantees that losses will be addressed in a timely and professional manner by a reputable team of experts. Your call will be given top priority, and we will work side-by-side with your staff to get the property restored and operational as soon as possible.

Our Multifamily Disaster Recovery Services

ATI Restoration is distinguished by our extensive capabilities. We help multifamily properties recover from a wide range of damages and disasters. Each project is handled with the utmost skill and speed without sacrificing safety or respect for those impacted.

Core Services

Good Communication Is Key

While there are many natural and man-made disasters that affect the rental housing sector, the importance of a timely and proactive response will always stay the same. Communication is essential throughout the restoration process. Property managers need approval from owners, property managers are tasked with day-to-day issues, and residents need to be apprised of when they can return to their homes.

At ATI Restoration, our policy is to communicate with stakeholders often and honestly. We perform an immediate inspection once the property is safe. This in-depth assessment enables us to advise you of the full scope of cleaning, restoration, and repairs, as well as provide accurate estimates.

Learn About Our Core Values: ATI CARES

We provide regular updates once the project begins. If you have any questions or concerns, a member of our team will get back to you ASAP. Step-by-step, we explain what we’re doing and how it will restore your property to its pre-loss condition—or better.

Proactive communication and 24/7 availability are integral components of our commitment to excellent service. ATI handles the intricacies of disaster recovery while keeping multifamily property owners and their staff informed of the progress and when business and occupancy can resume.

How We’ve Helped Other Multifamily Properties

ATI Restoration has extensive experience restoring and rebuilding multifamily buildings and communities. We have tackled some of the toughest challenges—including hurricanes, fires, and floods—and obtained outstanding results for our clients.

Case Studies

Catastrophe Response & Recovery for Multifamily Housing

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Why Multifamily Properties Choose ATI

Successfully restoring a multifamily property means balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the tenant. As specialists in disaster recovery for commercial and residential properties, ATI Restoration provides unparalleled multifamily disaster recovery services.

We understand your needs and goals, including the importance of maintaining operations while making the property attractive and habitable for residents. Key reasons multifamily housing clients select ATI Restoration include:

Emphasis on Safety

The safety of your tenants and staff is paramount. ATI is well-trained in safety protocols, and we obey all regulations.

Making It Easy

Property losses are overwhelming. As a full-service disaster recovery firm, you can rely on ATI to do the heavy lifting.

Timeliness of Execution

With our Fast-Track Reconstruction process, ATI is able to expedite repairs. Most jobs are handled by our crews in-house.

24/7/365 Responsiveness

We answer the phones at all times—days, nights, weekends, and holidays—and dispatch a crew to your property within 24 hours.

Unrivaled Expertise

Our expertise in multifamily housing restoration is grounded in decades of experience and advanced industry knowledge.

Complementary Services

When setting up an ERA, our team strives to understand your challenges and fit into your systems and processes easily.

Keep Residents Safe & Restore Your Property

Don’t let property damage cost you money and tenants. ATI Restoration responds to all types of disasters at multifamily properties throughout the contiguous United States.

Get in touch with ATI Restoration today. We offer multifamily disaster recovery services from more than 65 locations nationwide.

After the losses have been assessed and safety is assured, our crews will start mitigating the damage and making repairs. Our emergency services are designed to prevent secondary losses and create a solid foundation for successful restoration. Ultimately, our goal is to restore your property to its pre-loss condition or (ideally) even better.

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