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ATI Hartford is a family-operated business that has been providing unparalleled restoration services in Hartford and throughout Connecticut for over 30 years. Our team of licensed and insured professionals has the training, experience, and top-of-the-line diagnostic and restoration equipment to deal with damage from issues including fire, flood, and mold contamination. Understanding the urgency of these situations, we offer a 24-Hour Emergency Response service to ensure you receive the help you need exactly when you need it.

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Damage Restoration Services in Hartford

ATI Hartford prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. Our round-the-clock service availability is driven by a team of experienced professionals trained in a wide range of disaster recovery services, including water removal, fire and smoke restoration, and mold remediation. Whether it’s a residential property in Southington or commercial property in Berlin, we stand ready to fully assess the damage and propose a clear path toward recovery.


A full-service reconstruction, restoration, and remediation company, ATI Hartford proudly serves homeowners, businesses, and industries including:

Our crews are composed of seasoned, licensed, bonded, and insured restoration technicians who are ready to respond to your call, 24/7/365. Once dispatched, our technicians will get to work immediately, carefully assessing the damage to the property and its contents, to create a comprehensive recovery plan that serves to restore your poverty to better than ever in the shortest time possible.

At ATI Hartford, we approach each task with genuine compassion and unmatched customer service. This enables us to foster long-lasting relationships with those we serve and affirms our resolve to do whatever it takes to ensure our customers regain peace of mind in difficult times.

24/7 Emergency Response Services in Hartford, Connecticut

ATI Hartford is available 24/7/365 and ready to dispatch our licensed and insured technicians at a moment’s notice. From Avon to Andover and all points surrounding, we are committed to treating you and your property with care and respect and are prepared to provide a thorough inspection, assess the full extent of damage, and provide a clear plan for safe, effective, and rapid restorations.

Rely on ATI Hartford

Life in Connecticut comes with its unique mix of potential disasters, ranging from severe storms and flooding to other unforeseen catastrophes. ATI Hartford stands ready to face any disaster, no matter how significant, with a commitment to efficient, effective restoration strategies. Our team of highly trained and experienced restoration professionals is always prepared to deploy swiftly, helping to quickly address your property damage.

ATI Hartford is available 24 hours a day, without exception, and ready to serve residents of Connecticut whenever disaster strikes. Contact ATI Hartford to request a property evaluation right away. We’ll provide you with a clear understanding of the extent of damage and transparent information about your restoration options.

Cities We Serve

  • Andover
  • Avon
  • Berlin
  • Bloomfield
  • Bolton
  • Bristol
  • Burlington
  • Canton
  • East Granby
  • East Hartford
  • East Windsor
  • Ellington
  • Enfield
  • Farmington
  • Glastonbury
  • Granby
  • Hartford
  • Hartland
  • Hebron
  • Manchester
  • Marlborough
  • New Britain
  • Newington
  • Plainville
  • Plymouth
  • Rocky Hill
  • Simsbury
  • Somers
  • South Windsor
  • Southington
  • Stafford
  • Suffield
  • Tolland
  • Vernon
  • West Hartford
  • Wethersfield
  • Windsor
  • Windsor Locks

Remediation & Restoration Services In-Demand in Hartford

Water Damage Remediation

Water Damage Remediation

When faced with water damage, the necessity of immediate professional remediation cannot be overstated. Whether your water damage is due to broken pipes, heavy rain, or sewage backups, our trained technicians are prepared to respond right away. Each team member has completed Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training, ensuring their capability to handle any category of water damage, even black water, according to the highest safety standards.

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The Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), one of the organizations by which our technicians are certified, identifies three categories of water damage. Category 1, or “clean water”, typically originates from water supply lines and is safe for humans but harmful to property. Category 2, or “gray water”, comes from bathing, washing dishes, or laundry and carries some contaminants. Category 3, referred to as “black water”, includes sewage backups, stormwater, and other water contaminated with hazardous materials, posing significant human health risks.

ATI Hartford offers comprehensive water damage restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. Our HAZWOPER-certified teams are always ready, 24/7/365, to arrive at your location, assess the damage, and promptly begin the restoration process, ensuring the safe and thorough treatment of water-related damage while limiting potential harm to your property and its occupants.

Water Removal in Hartford

Water damage demands immediate and professional attention. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response service is always ready to restore your property to its original state, ensuring an environment that’s not only dry and clean but safe and structurally sound.

At ATI Hartford, we leverage advanced techniques, including moisture mapping and water leak detection, to identify the extent of water intrusion and associated damages, even when concealed within your property’s structure. This enables us to create the most efficient and effective water damage remediation process. We also conduct a thorough inventory of contents impacted by the water damage, providing a clear understanding of what can be salvaged and what must be replaced.

Once we have a complete understanding of the damage, we utilize industrial-grade equipment, such as vacuums, air movers, and dehumidifiers, for the complete removal of water and moisture. This includes extracting standing water, drying the structure thoroughly, and implementing comprehensive dehumidification techniques to ensure total moisture removal from the air and mitigate potential mold growth and further structural damage.

Water Damage Cleanup in Hartford

At ATI Hartford, we recognize that water removal and structural drying are only the first steps in the task of comprehensive water damage cleanup. We proudly offer a complete range of cleanup services to restore your property to its pre-damage state, no matter the source or extent of water damage.

Our highly trained and certified technicians are well-equipped to handle various types of water damage cleanup, utilizing the most advanced equipment and techniques to ensure optimal results with services including:

Water Damage Restoration in Hartford

Water damage can wreak havoc on both residential and commercial properties, ranging from a single-room disaster to complete property devastation. ATI Hartford is your trusted partner in navigating through these damages, offering swift, comprehensive restoration services tailored to your specific needs.

Connecticut residents are no strangers to weather-related water damage. Issues arising from broken pipes, plumbing mishaps, and sewer or septic backups are among the unavoidable risks of property ownership. But unavoidable risks don’t have to cause insurmountable problems. The seasoned restoration and reconstruction professionals at ATI Hartford are available 24/7/365 to start restoring your property to its pre-damage state.

Our dedicated team has the experience and equipment for every type of water damage restoration and reconstruction project. Our expertise includes carpet and flooring replacement, drywall repair, patching leaky pipes, HVAC system restoration, electronics recovery, painting, and more. We tailor our approach to meet your unique situation, ensuring high-quality workmanship in every task we undertake. Our goal is to get you back to your home or business with the least disruption by delivering efficient, personalized services you can trust.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation

Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation

Fire damage, including flames, smoke, soot, and the aftereffects of firefighting measures, can be devastating to residential and commercial properties. ATI Hartford has the specialized training and experience to help customers recover from a wide spectrum of fire-related damages.

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At ATI Hartford, we offer a 24-Hour Emergency Response to promptly assist homeowners and businesses impacted by fire throughout Connecticut. We can immediately mobilize a dedicated team of service professionals to secure your property, assess the damage, and promptly develop a strategic plan for repairs and reconstruction. Our services extend to various aspects of restoration, from damage evaluation to comprehensive reconstruction services, enabling us to help you reclaim your property and resume normalcy with the least amount of disruption.

Helping You Rebuild After Fire & Smoke Damage

ATI Hartford is the area’s premier fire damage restoration service provider. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help customers bounce back from fires, smoke, soot, and water damage. Our extensive experience, spanning more than three decades, equips us to perform all types of restorations, regardless of their size or complexities.

Our services for fire and smoke damage restoration encompass:

No matter if a fire affects a single room or multiple areas of your property, our skilled team is prepared to restore your full premises to its pre-loss state or better. Our unique Fast-Track Reconstruction process utilizes our thorough knowledge of permitting and insurance claims to cut through red tape and expedite repairs. We strive to provide a quick return to normalcy in a fraction of the time it takes most contractors and restoration companies.

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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Mold is common in Connecticut. Some of this has to do with our climate and proximity to the ocean. Some has to do with the older ages of many of our buildings. But even in newer structures, it only takes between 24 to 48 hours for mold to begin proliferating after water seeps in. And, because mold infestations can be toxic, swift remediation is crucial.

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At ATI Hartford, we understand the potential harm of various mold species. We collaborate with industrial hygienists to identify the type and extent of mold present in your property and employ the safest and most effective mitigation efforts to ensure its complete removal from residential and commercial buildings.

Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art detection and remediation equipment to perform services including:

Mold is notorious for hiding in unexpected corners, inflicting unseen damage to property while posing significant risks to health. If you suspect there is mold in your property, ATI Hartford’s mold remediation experts are on standby 24/7/365 to address the issue without delay.

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ATI Hartford offers a comprehensive suite of reconstruction and restoration services designed to get your life back on track after experiencing a disaster. As part of the nation's most extensive family-operated disaster recovery company, we are rooted in a strong tradition of quality, customer service, and prompt response times.

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We serve both residential and commercial properties across Connecticut with unmatched proficiency and dedication.

Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a globally recognized standard-setting organization for reconstruction and restoration professionals. This ensures that our crews have the training and skills to deliver top-notch services, including:

ATI Hartford’s unique Fast-Track Reconstruction process guarantees a swift and efficient approach to any restoration project. Our team’s experience in working with insurance companies and managing local permitting requirements removes unnecessary burdens from your shoulders. With ATI Hartford, you can rest assured that you are working with an experienced, reliable partner that is committed to restoring your property and peace of mind.

We understand that time is crucial in the wake of a disaster. That’s why we are available 24/7/365 for emergency assistance. We are committed to alleviating your stress by delivering rapid, superior results, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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