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Water Leak Detection Services for Commercial Properties & Facilities Nationwide

Water leak detection is a crucial element of the water damage mitigation process. Whether you’re managing a multifamily community or commercial property, a water leak of any size can cause costly destruction. While some leaks are obvious, many hidden leaks cause water damage that can only be identified by professional leak detection methods.

ATI Restoration’s water disaster recovery services begin with leak detection. Once leaks have been discovered, our teams can repair all damages, including underground water leaks and slab leaks. We use cutting-edge equipment to identify, monitor, and maintain the progress of leaks in a wide range of commercial properties. Our team of Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified experts will provide recommended leak repairs so building owners and facility supervisors can make an informed plan to fix all issues. Early detection proactively addresses costly water-related issues, prevents property damage, reduces water waste, and ensures the continued smooth operation of commercial facilities.

Since 1989, ATI Restoration has served as an industry leader in the field of water damage mitigation. We have restored and remediated a number of commercial properties, including:

  • Factories, offices, warehouses, and other commercial facilities
  • Retail spaces
  • Schools and universities
  • Municipal buildings
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Multifamily residences, apartment complexes, and condominiums
  • And more

Leveraging our wealth of experience and cutting-edge equipment, our commercial water leak detection services instill confidence in commercial property owners, engineering leaders, facilities managers, and key decision-makers. We ensure that properties are swiftly and effectively restored to their original or even improved condition. ATI Restoration offers 24-Hour Emergency Response services, with over 60 regional offices ready to assist at any time.

How Responsive Is ATI Restoration?

Water damage from leaks, burst pipes, and other sources can strike without warning, disrupting operations and causing immediate challenges. Swift and effective water leak detection is essential to mitigate losses arising from excess moisture, which can lead to structural damage and the loss of valuable contents and documents. Identifying and addressing water leaks is also key to preventing mold growth.

When ATI Restoration receives reports of water damage, we respond swiftly. Our phone lines are staffed 24/7/365. We will dispatch a dedicated team to your property ASAP. Our skilled technicians will assess the extent of the damage right away and devise a comprehensive plan to identify all leaks and mitigate further harm.

Is Your Business Prepared for Water Damage?

The responsiveness of a disaster mitigation company is important in addressing water damage, but commercial property owners and their teams need to be ready as well. ATI Restoration offers an Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) that allows customers to plan ahead and create a vendor relationship for all of their properties before a disaster hits.

ATI Restoration’s ERA serves as an essential element within the disaster recovery strategy for businesses, facilities, and other institutions. Whether your property faces damage from plumbing accidents or natural disasters like tropical storms or hurricanes, an ERA ensures that your immediate leak detection, water extraction, dehumidification, and restoration requirements will be addressed immediately and efficiently.

Emergency Response Agreement
If you own or manage a commercial property, contact ATI Restoration at any time and ask about the ERA. One of our experienced team members will assess the vulnerabilities of your property and determine which recovery services may be necessary to mitigate the damage and get your business operations back on track. Featuring pre-determined pricing, our ERAs allow you to budget for disaster recovery effectively.
The ERA ensures you receive top-priority service. In the event of water damage or any other emergency affecting your commercial property, a simple call to our 24-Hour Emergency Response hotline is all that's required. We will swiftly deploy a dedicated team to your site, where our skilled technicians will promptly evaluate the extent of the damage and commence the essential processes of drying, dehumidification, and restoration right away.
Before cleanup and restoration efforts can begin, the source of the water must be identified and cut off at the source. Water leak detection is a critical diagnostic process. The sooner we can detect leaks, the sooner we can determine the necessary repairs. An ERA ensures that your commercial property will be inspected for damage promptly. This reduces downtime and streamlines the restoration process, enabling you to resume business operations sooner.

Water Leak Detection for All Industries

Water leak detection is essential for ensuring that your business or facility is restored swiftly and effectively. Leak detectors keep your building dry and mold-free. Caring for any signs of leaking water will not only prevent further damage but also conserve water use and keep your water bill reasonable.

ATI Restoration has been the premiere choice for commercial water leak detection and disaster mitigation for more than 30 years. We bring unparalleled knowledge and experience to projects for a wide range of industries, including:

ATI Restoration has earned a reputation in the insurance industry as a responsive and premium-quality restoration company. ATI Restoration is recognized as an approved vendor by most insurance companies.

In addition to commercial water leak detection, we also serve homeowners who have sustained water damage. Learn more about our residential water leak detection.

Our Expertise

Water leak detection services, including moisture mapping and thermal technology, are the best methods of finding a leak. Many leaks are not visible and are not easily accessible to pinpoint the exact source. Leaks are often inside, above, or below plumbing systems, or areas with a more considerable amount of plumbing (bathrooms, kitchens, mop rooms, faucets, etc.). They are typically present along the envelope of a building, including windows and the roof. Buildings with basements are also prone to leaks.

The initial phase of repairing and restoring your property revolves around a thorough examination and assessment of the water damage. Our highly trained technicians are equipped with an arsenal of cutting-edge tools, including moisture meters, sensors, and thermal imaging cameras. These advanced tools enable us to precisely pinpoint areas within your property affected by water damage, determine the nature of the damage, and establish the necessary protocols for the restoration of your facility or commercial space. We then provide an accurate estimate for repair costs.

Our comprehensive inspections and technology-driven diagnostics serve as the foundation for our water leak detection. By thoroughly identifying leaks during the initial phase, we can effectively mitigate the risk of additional damage and streamline the overall restoration process.

Why Hire ATI Restoration?

ATI Restoration is the country’s largest family-operated disaster recovery firm. We are dedicated to helping businesses quickly recover from any type of water damage. With more than three decades of proven experience, we have become the premiere choice of companies across the United States for a number of reasons:

An Unmatched Reputation

Reputation is earned through consistent excellence, and we take pride in our longstanding reputation for delivering top-notch restoration services. With a history dating back to 1989, we have earned the trust and confidence of countless clients.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

ATI Restoration utilizes advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment for water leak detection. Our commitment to using the most effective tools available enables us to provide more efficient and precise services.

Full-Service Capabilities

ATI Restoration is your one-stop shop for restoration needs. Our capabilities cover a wide spectrum, from water extraction and dehumidification to structural repair and reconstruction. We handle everything from the initial assessment to the final touches.

Clear, Proactive Communication

We prioritize clear and proactive communication with our clients. From the moment you engage our services, you'll experience open and transparent dialogues. We keep you informed at every step of the restoration process.

24-Hour Emergency Response

Emergencies don't wait for business hours. Our 24-hour Emergency Response team is ready to help whenever disaster strikes. Whether it's the middle of the night, a weekend, or a holiday, you can count on us.

Focus on Safety

Safety is non-negotiable in any restoration project. We place an emphasis on safety, both for our team members and for your property. Our technicians are trained to follow best practices and safety protocols.

How Much Does It Cost?

Water leak detection is just one facet of the comprehensive water damage restoration process. The pricing for our services is contingent on various factors, including the extent of the damage and the intricacy of the required repairs.

Opting for an Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) with ATI Restoration is a prudent strategy for cost management. With an ERA in place, you gain clarity on pricing in advance, enabling you to proceed with a predetermined budget in the event of a disaster. If your commercial property has experienced water damage and you lack an ERA, we encourage you to reach out to ATI Restoration right away.

Determining restoration costs is a blend of art and science. Our experienced crews possess the industry knowledge and expertise needed to meticulously assess the damages, ensuring you receive an accurate and dependable estimate that aligns with your restoration needs.

See Our Quality Results

When you hire a disaster recovery team, you want to be sure they have the experience, skills, and resources necessary to assess water damage and moisture issues and bring your property back to its pre-damaged state, if not better than before.

ATI Restoration has worked with clients from various industries, giving us the expertise to handle water leak detection for a variety of scenarios. We’ve consistently delivered fantastic results on a wide range of projects.

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Your water bill could be the first indication of a leak. If you notice a significant hike in your bill, call ATI Restoration immediately. You may also notice a sudden decrease in water pressure, signs of mold, mildew, discolored or sagging ceilings, warped surfaces, water running and/or hear drips in the wall.

If you discover any signs of a water leak or plumbing leak mentioned above, you need water detection services. It is also recommended to have leak detection specialists regularly moisture map your building to prevent mildew, mold, and pooling water.

Experts at ATI Restoration have the training and experience to identify leaks and restore your property quickly. We proudly minimize downtime, disruptions, and financial losses. Contact us today to get started.

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