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Selecting the Right Structural Repair Partner

ATI’s qualified team assesses structural issues, prevents further damage, works with your insurance company, and creates a strategy to restore your property to pre-loss condition.  They perform a wide range of repairs, including concrete repair and concrete restoration, precast repairs and replacement, re-framing, steel repair and replacement, roofing repair and replacement, and more. The team is thorough, replacing all waterproofing to perform at its optimal strength and re-installing all necessary building material. With cutting-edge techniques and equipment, our goal is to minimize displacement and get your life back on track. 


Structural Repairs after Water Damage 

Water can erode and rust any metal in a building’s skeleton. Following any significant water damage, our disaster recovery team scans affected surfaces for hidden water and moisture that could reach any load-bearing materials (like steel) and cause erosion or rust. For these situations, the team uses various tools to water map the building and mark areas needing repair and waterproofing and sealant materials as needed. Water can also cause excess weight to a foundation. The team can test the foundation for cracks or breaks and repair it accordingly. 

Structural Repairs after Fire Damage 

Fire and smoke can cause structural damage in multiple ways. Many building materials will undergo deformation, collapse, and compaction due to fires. This strain on the building, plus any added weight from fire control measures, can break or fracture structural columns and beams. Heat from a fire can also compromise a frame’s strength by burning or melting different elements holding the building up, causing further deformation. Once a fire is out, the disaster recovery team conducts a thorough evaluation of the building to identify areas in need of structural restoration services and repair, and test other potentially damaged areas.

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