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Burst pipes, overflowing septic systems and toilets, flooded basements, leaking water heaters, and roof leaks tend to be the most common causes of water damage. Flooding threats are also a result of derechos, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, storms, and blizzards. The impacts and costs of these events are exacerbated by lack of emergency/disaster planning and the speed of disaster response and recovery efforts. There is increased pressure on businesses to improve their resilience to potential damages with regular facility upkeep and well-written Mitigation Plans. Our team specializes in both commercial and residential water damage restoration.

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As a water damage recovery and restoration company, we move fast. For a business owner, having a water damage restoration company on-call is crucial in swiftly addressing the damage to reduce downtime and minimize costs.


According to a recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 85% of commercial buildings experience excess moisture and leaking. ATI can moisture map your facility to identify water hazards and repair any type of water damage, whether man-made or caused by natural disasters. By performing thorough water extraction, ATI helps to prevent mold growth and secondary water damage. We work with your insurance company to understand your policy and what is covered, eliminating any surprises.

Services That Help You Rebuild

Preparedness Is Your Best Defense
The most critical factor in recovering from a disaster is time. In our experience, the longer it takes to respond to a disaster, the higher the cost of recovery. ATI has developed a tool to help you recover quickly from a disaster. Our Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) provides for priority service in times of peak demand, providing for rapid response and efficient recovery. Our ERAs feature pre-determined pricing, taking the guesswork out of your recovery budget process. An ERA from ATI can be an important part of your Disaster Recovery Plan, providing peace of mind should an unfortunate disaster event occur.
Disaster Recovery Planning is often an afterthought. For those entities that are fortunate enough to have a plan, many times it has been developed without the benefit of a Disaster Recovery firm. ATI has helped thousands of clients prepare for and recover from disaster events. When identifying your Disaster Recovery Team of internal and external stakeholders, be sure to include more than one Disaster Recovery provider. This will ensure that you are adequately prepared if an emergency or disaster occurs.
Emergencies and disasters often pose major challenges to smaller companies. These challenges can impact their ability to respond quickly, staff the work, and deal effectively with a myriad of resulting environmental issues.

Small firms and franchises often have limited local resources and can be quickly overwhelmed. Their resources may be adequate for day-to-day events, but when dealing with a large-scale disaster or widespread emergency storm event, small teams can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. With multiple emergencies occurring at once, small firms and franchises may not be able to respond at all.

For larger emergency and disaster events, larger firms with scalability are critical. With more resources readily available at their disposal, larger Disaster Recovery firms will:
• Implement a quick response & recovery plan
• Limit operational interruption
• Contain and mitigate environmental, toxic or biological exposures
• Be in full compliance with regulations to avoid unnecessary fines & penalties
• Safeguard all stakeholders from potential illness or injury

When identifying your Disaster Recovery Team of internal and external stakeholders, be sure to include one or more large Disaster Recovery providers. This will ensure that you are adequately prepared if a larger-scale disaster occurs.
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