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One of the most significant tools to evolve in property restoration is aerial imagery. By leveraging autonomous drones and damage detection software to get the best geospatial data available, ATI resolves claims with greater efficiency and higher accuracy.

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Damage Claims and Repairs

Aerial imagery expedites the claim and damage repair processes by drastically cutting inspection time, and obtaining and documenting vital measurements and characteristics. To allow for a complete representation of buildings and property, aerial imagery integrates a cooperative combination of 2-D (monocular) and 3-D (stereoscopic) information.

Roof Inspections

Due to its speed and precision, alongside estimation support, nearly 98% of commercial properties use aerial imagery for roof inspections. Aerial imagery provides a faster, safer option for these inspections, with equal or improved accuracy in assessing the condition of a building’s roof.

3-D Site Modelling

An automated building detector drone hypothesizes potential building rooftops. Precise 3-D shape and location of each building is determined by multi-image triangulation under 3-D geometric constraints. A realistic site model can be rendered using virtual “fly-through” graphics. As new images of the site become available, refinement procedures are performed to improve the geometric accuracy of the existing 3-D models. The system gradually updates with new evidence, making the site model precisely complete.

Thermal Imaging

Technological advances have allowed us to accurately capture thermal differences in the exterior envelope of a structure to assist in damage assessment. These thermal differences can be used to diagnose a range of potential issues, such as water damage or insulation deficiencies, allowing for improved ability to pinpoint problems and remediate them efficiently.

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