California Privacy Policy

ATI Restoration, LLC (ATI) has developed this California Privacy Policy out of respect for the privacy of our California-based individual customers and website visitors. This policy describes the personal information we collect, use, and disclose about individual consumers who communicate, interact, or do business with us, whether online or at our locations. This policy applies only to California residents who are natural persons; it does not apply to any entities (whether business, non-profit or governmental) or to any person who is not a California resident. For our general privacy policy, please click here.

Whenever you visit our Website, we will collect some information from you automatically simply by you visiting and navigating through this site, and some voluntarily when you submit information using the form on the “Contact Us” page. Through this Website, we will collect information that can identify you and/or your activity.

Whenever you communicate, interact, or do business with us, whether online or at our locations, we will be collecting personal information from you or about you in the course of our interaction or dealings with you.

ATI collects the following categories of personal information. We identify categories of personal information, examples of each category, the business purposes for which we use the information, the categories of sources from which the information is collected, and the categories of third parties whom we shared the information in the last 12 months.

Categories of Personal Information

Depending on the nature of your relationship with us, we many collect the following categories of personal information about you, including:

  • Personal Identifiers & Contact Information, such as, name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  • Internet Activity, such as, date and time of your visit to this Website, webpages visited, links clicked on the Website, browser ID, browser type, device ID, operating system, form information downloaded, domain name from which our site was accessed, and cookies.
  • Geolocation Data, such as, IP address.
  • Preference for modes of communication.
  • Profession.
  • Real estate ownership.

You agree that the information you choose to share with us through this Website about you was information you authorized third party internet services providers to share through the internet with the public about you; was lawfully made available by you to a federal, state, or local agency; may be lawfully found in federal, state, or local government records; or was made available to the general public by you before you shared it through this Website.

Business Purposes for Which Information is Used

Depending on the nature of your relationship with us, we may use the information collected about you for the following business purposes:

  • Responding to inquiries through the “Contact Us” page;
  • Verifying and responding to consumer requests;
  • Improving the Website experience for all visitors;
  • Understanding the demographics of our Website visitors;
  • Operating and maintaining the Website;
  • Detecting security incidents;
  • Debugging to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality of the Website;
  • Complying with the law or lawful orders; and
  • Protecting against malicious or illegal activity and prosecuting those responsible.
Categories of Sources from Which Information Received

We may receive your personal information from the following categories of sources:

  • Visitors of our Website and the device and browser used to access the Website; and
  • From you or your authorized agent or representative.

Categories of Third Parties to Whom Info Was Disclosed in Last 12 Months

We do not share this information with any third party, unless required to do so by law or government agency or for the purpose of defending or prosecuting legal claims.

Do we sell any of your personal information?

ATI does NOT sell your personal information, including the data of any minors. We do not sell or otherwise trade the personal information that we collect from our site visitors at any point or under any circumstance.

Use of cookies and other tracking technologies 

Cookies are small files that a Website may transfer to a user’s computer that reside there for either the duration of the browsing session (session cookies) or on a permanent (until deleted) basis (persistent cookies) that may be used to identify a user, a user’s machine, or a user’s behavior. We make use of cookies under the following circumstances and for the following reasons:

  • Compile data about site traffic to offer a better Website experience
  • Understand and save visitor preferences for future visits

We recognize how important your online privacy is to you, so we offer the following options for controlling the interest-based ads you receive and how we use your data.
Opting-out of this type of advertising will not prevent you from seeing ads, rather those ads will likely be less relevant. This is because they will not be tailored to your specific interests but will instead be based on the context of the Digital Property in which they are displayed (for example, if you are on a movie website, you may only see ads about movies) or the ads you see may be randomly generated.
Here’s how you can control how we use your data:

Web browser: You can opt-out of receiving interest-based ads served by us or on our behalf by clicking on the blue icon that typically appears in the corner of the ads we serve and following the instructions provided or by clicking here. Please note that this “opt-out” function is browser-specific and relies on an “opt-out cookie”. This means if you delete your cookies or upgrade your browser after having opted out, you will need to opt-out again.

Do Not Track (DNT) is a privacy preference that users can set if they do not want web services to collect information about their online activity. However, there is currently no universal standard for sending and receiving DNT signals. Due to this lack of universal standard, it would be impossible for us to promise that we comply with all known and unknown DNT standards.

Therefore, we do not respond to DNT signals or other mechanisms that provide a choice regarding the collection of personal information about activities over time and across different Web sites or online services. If a universal standard for DNT becomes available, we may revisit our DNT Policy.

Your Rights as a California Consumer

If you are a California resident, you have the following rights:

  • The right to request, up to 2 times in a 12-month period, that we identify to you (1) the categories of personal information we have collected, disclosed or sold about you in the last 12 months, (2) the categories of sources from which the personal information was collected, (3) the business purpose for which we use this information, and (4) the categories of third parties with whom we share or have shared your personal information in the last 12 months;
  • The right to request, up to 2 times in a 12-month period, that we disclose to you, free of charge, the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you in the last 12 months;
  • The right to request, up to 2 times in a 12-month period, that we delete personal information that we collected from you, subject to certain exceptions; 
  • The right to opt-out of the sale of your personal information to third parties;
  • The right to designate an authorized agent to submit one of the above requests on your behalf; and 
  • The right to not be discriminated against in receiving different or less favorable pricing, service or financial incentive for exercising any of the above rights.
How to submit a request

You can submit a verifiable consumer request to know or request for deletion of your personal information by any of the two options below:

How we will verify that it is really you submitting the request

When you submit a consumer request through one of the methods provided above, we will ask you to provide some information in order to verify your identity and respond to your request. Specifically, we will need you to provide your name, email, phone number, IP address, and device ID.

How to authorize an agent to act on your behalf

You can authorize someone else as an Authorized Agent who can submit a consumer request on your behalf. To do so, you must either (a) execute a valid, verifiable, and notarized Power of Attorney or (b) provide other written authorization that we can then verify. When we receive a consumer request submitted on your behalf by an Authorized Agent, that person will be asked to provide written proof that they have your permission to act on your behalf, and we will also contact you and ask you for information to verify your own identity directly with us and not through your Authorized Agent.

Responding to your consumer requests

We endeavor to respond to a verifiable consumer request within forty-five (45) days of its receipt. If we require more time (up to 45 days or 90 days total from the date we receive your request), we will inform you of the reason and extension period in writing. We will deliver our written response by mail or electronically, at your option. Any disclosures we provide will only cover the 12-month period preceding our receipt of your verifiable consumer request. The response we provide will also explain the reasons we cannot comply with a request, if applicable. We do not charge a fee to process or respond to your verifiable consumer request unless it is excessive, repetitive, or manifestly unfounded. If we determine that the request warrants a fee, we will tell you why we made that decision and provide you with a cost estimate before completing your request.

Consumers with Disabilities

We are committed to making our website accessible for all individuals, including those with disabilities. The Website and this Privacy Policy have been developed in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA, or a subsequent version, published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium and are accessible to people with disabilities. For more information on our website accessibility, click here.


From time to time we may modify and/or update this Privacy Policy and so we encourage you to check back on a regular basis to determine if any changes have been made. 

Questions about this policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you should contact us by phone at 1-800-400-9353 or via email at

Effective Date (last updated on): October 28, 2021

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