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Recovering Your Important Documents

After a water damage disaster, such as a natural disaster, recovering the physical documents that matter to you is a crucial step to full disaster recovery. Water-damaged documents require careful document drying procedures, and ATI has the skilled technicians and the technology to make it happen. Freeze-drying, air-drying, desiccant dehumidifying, and even hand-dry cleaning techniques are implemented to restore photos, business records, and other vital documents that aren’t easily replaced.

Taking Care of Your Personal and Business Records

Restoring damaged documents to a usable condition is a painstaking yet doable process requiring expertise and care. A variety of recovery services and techniques can be employed depending on the damage type, and most water-damaged documents can be restored.


Below is a breakdown of what goes into some of our key document restoration services  and document recovery techniques:

Freeze-drying: This document restoration process is the most efficient and effective method to preserve and recover valuable documents damaged by water. Document restoration specialists place the documents in an airtight chamber with negative vacuum pressure that allows them to go from the frozen to dry state without re-liquefying. This will enable them to maintain their biological structure and prevent further damage.  

Desiccant air-drying: This drying process is ideal for drying large volumes of documents and allows access to them during the procedure for immediate reference. Placing desiccant dehumidifiers in an isolated room with the damaged documents removes moisture from the surrounding air and transfers it to a desiccant solid designed to absorb the water. The dry air created in the room removes the moisture from the documents and ultimately restores the items.

Hand-dry cleaning techniques: ATI’s trained conservators may also leverage hand-drying techniques for unique circumstances. Using a special sponge which is highly effective in lifting fungi spores without cleaning solutions, technicians wipe clean affected surfaces. 


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