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Dangerous materials like asbestos and lead, and dangerous contaminants like mold, must be carefully and completely removed from a property by professionals. ATI experts have the experience, training, and equipment required to do so quickly and safely. With over 30 years in the disaster recovery industry, ATI has the expertise to remediate environmental hazards from your property. Our team specializes in both residential and commercial environmental services.

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Mold contamination greater than 10 square feet requires a licensed mold remediation company to assess and remediate the problem. At ATI, we handle the coordination of industrial hygiene protocol and testing, apply antimicrobial treatments, and perform mold remediation in accordance with all industry guidelines for mold removal.


Mold can cause severe structural damage to a property and health problems for its occupants. ATI’s mold remediation team is highly trained and IICRC certified, strictly following all EPA and OSHA guidelines to not only remove existing mold, but also identify other risk areas with excess moisture to prevent future growth. Calling in professionals with proper accreditation will always provide you the safest route to eliminating mold and improving your indoor air quality

ATI is also highly trained and certified to properly address asbestos or lead. This is a common problem in buildings over 30 years old and particularly prevalent in roofing, floor tiles, pipes, paint, and insulation. These environmental hazards are linked to several severe health problems and require services from a professional abatement company to ensure the health of everyone in your building. It is never advisable to attempt DIY remediation of these environmental hazards due to the severe health risks associated with exposure.

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