Helping Retail Businesses Recover After a Disaster

Profits and customer relationships are on the line when catastrophe strikes. ATI’s retail disaster restoration services are designed to get you back to business quickly and with a minimum of hassle. Our team specializes in disaster recovery for a wide range of retail spaces. We respond to emergencies 24/7/365.

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Recovery Services for All Retail Spaces

ATI Restoration is a nationally recognized commercial restoration company. Our experience encompasses a wide range of industries, providing us with unsurpassed expertise in helping clients recover from a multitude of different losses.

From a water leak to a devastating fire, ATI Restoration handles projects of all sizes. The retail properties we serve include:

Technicians at ATI Restoration are dispatched 24/7. Our crews assess the damage right away and begin identifying the repairs needed to clean up and mitigate the damage, restore the property, and get you back in business ASAP.

Contact ATI Restoration for immediate assistance.

Expediting Recovery Through Responsiveness

In the retail world, business disruptions need to be kept to an absolute minimum. Disruptions and delays cost money and can turn customers away. At ATI Restoration, our 24-Hour Emergency Response ensures that losses are addressed promptly and you can resume operations with minimal downtime.

Advance planning is essential for restoring retail spaces quickly. With ATI’s Emergency Response Agreement (ERA), you are guaranteed a prompt and cohesive response to any loss.

Your Partner in Disaster Preparedness

When setting up an ERA, our team works with all decision makers (owners, property managers, etc.) to understand their concerns and vulnerabilities. Our goal is to ensure that the Emergency Response Agreement complements your current disaster recovery plans.

Once ATI Restoration is an approved vendor, we are available 24/7/365. The ERA includes a scope of services and upfront pricing so you can plan for the unexpected accordingly.


The Emergency Response Agreement guarantees a priority response. If your retail property is damaged, all you have to do is call our emergency line and connect with a member of our team. A crew will arrive on site within 24 hours.

Our emergency services minimize business disruption, prevent secondary damages, and help control costs. We work quickly to restore your property to its pre-loss condition (or better) so you can start serving customers again.

ATI Restoration is backed by more than 35 years of experience. We are the country’s largest family-operated disaster recovery firm, distinguished by advanced training and extensive industry knowledge. Our technicians specialize in all aspects of restoration for retail spaces.

With 65+ locations in the continental United States, our responsiveness is unequaled. In the event of an emergency, we dispatch fully loaded trucks and trailers to your property without delay.

Our Retail Disaster Restoration Services

Comprehensive capabilities enable ATI Restoration to meet any disaster scenario head-on. Using advanced technology, we fully evaluate the nature and magnitude of the losses and identify the necessary solutions.

Our in-house team handles the majority of trades involved in disaster recovery and environmental hazard mitigation. With our comprehensive service model, we’re equipped to fully restore your property, contents, and crucial documents.

This means your retail business can reopen faster after a disaster. Potentially, you might even be able to stay open through disaster recovery while keeping your employees and customers safe.

Core Services

We Make Communication a Priority

You can count on ATI Restoration to address a variety of losses quickly. We work directly with retailers and property management companies as the situation requires.

Our goal is to avoid having to close the business to customers. If this is not possible, our team will communicate with stakeholders regularly and proactively. Keeping everyone apprised of the progress of recovery helps you plan for reopening and protects your profits.

At ATI, communication is a core value. Our process is built around excellent communication, from the initial inspection to calculating the estimate to each aspect of the restoration work.

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See How We’ve Done on Previous Jobs

Retailers sell a number of different products. The location, size, and customer base also lead to variations in retail properties.

Bottom line: There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for restoring a retail space. ATI Restoration has the experience, capabilities, and equipment to address your particular needs and reach your specific goals after a loss has occurred.

ATI is trusted by owners, retail managers, department heads, and property management companies nationwide. We are also recommended by the majority of insurance carriers in the United States.

Case Studies

Water Damage Restoration for a Retail Store

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Why Choose ATI for Retail Disaster Recovery?

For retailers, time is money. Don’t let a man-made or natural disaster hurt your bottom line.

ATI Restoration is the go-to choice for retail restoration services. Reasons we are well-regarded within the retail industry include:

24/7/365 Availability

Call days, nights, weekends, or holidays, and we'll promptly send a team to your retail property.

Timely Restoration

Our technicians evaluate losses as soon as it’s safe, scope out repairs, and get restoration underway ASAP.

Emphasis on Safety

ATI adheres to all safety rules, including local, state and federal regulations and industry standards.

A Quality Team

ATI hires the very best. Our in-house experts allow us to expedite recovery and achieve excellent results.

Scalable Solutions

Our Emergency Response Agreement helps you plan and budget for recovery if your retail property is damaged.

Complete Capabilities

As a full-service disaster recovery firm, we can handle any type of damage—fires, flooding, mold, and more.

Setting the Standard for Retail Disaster Restoration Services

Following damage to a retail property, owners and managers need assurance that disruptions to their business will be limited and customers can be served effectively. Experts at ATI Restoration have the skills and tools to restore your property quickly, safely, and to the highest standard.

With our 24-Hour Emergency Response, ATI’s certified technicians are prepared to respond ASAP to any loss. Clients with an Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) are prioritized after disasters strike.

Contact ATI Restoration if your retail property has been damaged, or to learn more about an ERA. Our 65+ nationwide locations enable us to respond swiftly to emergencies throughout the continental United States.

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