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ATI provides a wide range of disaster recovery services to Retail clients, both tenants and owners, to resolve issues from large losses such as fires and flooding to everyday mishaps such as sewage issues. ATI works quickly to assess the situation, isolate the damaged area, and resolve the issue to minimize loss of business and revenue. The ATI team also works alongside insurance carriers to assist with the claims process, saving the client time and frustration.

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We self-perform the vast majority of the trades associated with disaster recovery and the mitigation of environmental hazards. Our full-service approach enables us to fully restore structures and their contents. This means your business can reopen faster after a disaster, and stay open through disaster recovery while keeping clients and shoppers safe.

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Keeping Your Shop Running While Ensuring a Positive Customer Experience Is Our Top Priority

ATI will address a variety of losses quickly and will work with the retailer directly, or with its facility management company, to avoid having to close the business to customers. We assess the situation and determine the best way to complete the remediation needed to mitigate any damage quickly, keeping costs down and retail revenue flowing.

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Water Damage Restoration for a Retail Store

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