Nationwide Disaster Recovery Services for Multiple Industries

The commercial restoration services provided by ATI Restoration are as varied as the clients and the types of industries we serve. Industrial and commercial properties house a wide range of businesses, which can present unique cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction challenges after a disaster. No matter what industry, ATI Restoration can help restore your business and get things back on track.

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24/7/365 Availability & Unparalleled Responsiveness

ATI Restoration understands the importance of minimizing business interruptions and resuming your normal operations as soon as possible. With our 24-Hour Emergency Response, we take calls at all hours and promptly dispatch crews to commercial properties throughout the continental United States.

Our 60+ locations enable us to provide nationwide coverage. In addition to the service areas covered by each office, we have a National Response Services Team that can be mobilized to handle large losses and catastrophic events. Our trucks and trailers arrive on scene within 24 hours carrying the skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment needed to begin restoring commercial and industrial properties ASAP.

ATI Restoration works with all decision makers—including owners, managers, consulting firms, insurance carriers, etc.—to resolve each project quickly, thoroughly, and discreetly. We employ a multidisciplinary team approach that maximizes efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Comprehensive Capabilities for Industrial & Commercial Properties

Our commercial restoration services can effectively address any category of loss. We self-perform the vast majority of trades associated with disaster recovery and the mitigation of environmental hazards. Our full-service approach enables us to completely restore commercial and industrial properties and their contents.

Natural and man-made catastrophes can take a number of different forms. You need a disaster recovery firm well-versed in the specific situation you are facing, as well as the type of business you have. This will ensure a timely restoration that meets your specific needs and goals.

For more than 30 years, ATI Restoration has been a trusted partner in disaster recovery for the owners and site managers of industrial and commercial properties. We offer comprehensive capabilities for commercial property damage:

Core Services

Communication Is the Key to Successful Disaster Restoration

ATI Restoration lives by a set of core values. First and foremost of these is the importance of clear and proactive communication.

Disasters are costly, and delays can exacerbate the situation and lead to secondary losses. In addition to a prompt response to emergency calls, ATI Restoration prioritizes good communication.

When you first call about commercial restoration services, our team will ask the right questions to ensure we have a full understanding of the damage to your property. Technicians will inspect the losses, scope out repairs, and provide you with an accurate estimate for the restoration.

Once the project is underway, you will never have to wait for updates or answers to your questions. Members of our team will promptly respond to any inquiries, treating you like you are the one and only client we have.

In the event of property damage, business operations in a commercial or industry space are often forced to slow down or even stop. ATI’s commitment to ongoing communication guarantees that you will never be left in the dark and have a clear idea of when your business will get back to normal.

How Has ATI Done on Previous Jobs?

ATI Restoration is recognized as a leader in disaster recovery for commercial and industrial properties. We have earned a reputation among property owners and insurance carriers alike for providing prompt, high-quality restoration and repairs following major disasters.

We are distinguished by our wealth of experience and immense industry knowledge. This combination of factors allows us to respond effectively to complex property damage scenarios. We leverage our highly trained crews, significant resources, and advanced technology to identify the optimal solutions for restoring the property to its pre-loss condition (if not better).

Case Studies

Fire Restoration for an Aerospace Manufacturer

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Our Reputation in the Industry

ATI Restoration has earned the esteem of key stakeholders (including commercial property owners, managers, department heads, etc.) across multiple commercial and industrial sectors. Furthermore, insurance companies frequently recommend ATI to clients who have suffered damage to their properties.

Clients and partners praise us for our unparalleled responsiveness, the caliber of employees we hire, and the results we achieve with our commercial restoration services. But you don’t have to take our word for it!

They make it a seamless and painless process.

Because of the extra confidence by ATI, AT&T can rely on remediation from ATI.

Keith Evans, Los Angeles Manager, AT&T

Can I Set Up a Vendor Relationship for All of My Properties?

Disaster recovery planning is a must for any business. Selecting a partner to provide recovery services before a catastrophe hits is essential for restoring service and resuming operations quickly.

ATI Restoration is proud to provide an industry-leading vendor relationship to the owners and operators of commercial and industrial properties. We partner with clients nationwide to help them jump-start the restoration process and get back to business in record time.

How ATI Can Help You Prepare

The Emergency Response Agreement is a contract that establishes ATI as an approved vendor for disaster recovery services. ERAs are tailored to each client’s needs and concerns. Our team will work with you closely to evaluate your vulnerabilities in the event of a disaster and plan for an expedited and targeted response.


An ERA with ATI Restoration has a number of advantages for clients with industrial and commercial properties. These include:

  • Guaranteed priority service
  • Transparent upfront rates
  • A complete understanding of the emergency services we provide
  • Full integration with your disaster plan
  • Peace of mind

Clients with an ERA can call our 24-Hour Emergency Response line anytime, day or night. We will dispatch a crew to your commercial property ASAP. One of the major benefits of an ERA is that your property will receive priority treatment.

After arriving on scene, our technicians will inspect the property as soon as it’s safe and begin scoping out repairs. Emergency services are provided immediately in accordance with the Emergency Response Agreement.

Our team will be in regular communication with all decision makers throughout the restoration and reconstruction process. This keeps the confusion that accompanies disasters to an absolute minimum, reducing stress and uncertainty for all parties. We pride ourselves on doing quality work according to an expedited schedule that allows you to focus on what’s important: running your business and serving your customers.

Why Commercial & Industrial Clients Choose ATI

ATI Restoration is the country’s largest family-operated restoration company. Founded in 1989, we have grown to become a leader in the disaster recovery industry without sacrificing the personal touch of a family business.

While we specialize in restoring both residential and commercial properties, commercial restoration services are a major focus for our company. Unlike individual contractors and small firms, we have the experience, resources, and skills to handle the biggest projects.

Reasons ATI is the go-to choice for commercial disaster restoration and recovery include:

We Make It Easy

From the initial call to the finishing touches, our goal is to make it easy for commercial property owners to recover from loss.

Timely Execution

Once the assessment is complete and repairs are scoped out, we immediately implement solutions for mitigating the damage.

Prioritizing Safety

ATI technicians are trained to uphold all safety standards. Ensuring safety is key for protecting our workforce and your property.

Accurate Estimates

We use the industry’s leading estimation software to calculate costs. An ERA can help clients budget for disaster ahead of time.

Professionalism & Respect

ATI strives to understand your business goals and work quickly so you can open your doors and start generating revenue again.

Full-Service Solutions

Specializing in multiple industries, ATI Restoration offers a comprehensive range of services covering commercial clients’ needs.

Do You Need Commercial Restoration Services?

Industrial and commercial facilities serve diverse purposes. No matter the severity or the nature of the losses, any damage to the property must be addressed with these specifics top of mind.

ATI Restoration is the country’s leading provider of disaster recovery services for commercial properties. We have helped countless businesses and facilities throughout the nation overcome losses from a multitude of catastrophes.

Whether your commercial property has been damaged or you are looking for a partner whose services you can integrate into your disaster recovery plan, contact ATI Restoration today. ATI serves commercial and industrial clients throughout the continental United States from 60+ locations.

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