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Providing Stability & Fast Recovery After Earthquakes

Headquartered in Southern California, ATI understands the devastation earthquakes leave behind. Whether earthquake damage comes from the initial quake or the aftershocks, our CAT (catastrophe services) teams are ready to respond. From minor structural chimney damage to major fire damage caused by dislodged electrical and gas lines, we mobilize quickly to get you back to pre-loss condition quickly.

Prepare for the Unexpected

As the nation’s largest family-owned disaster recovery firm, ATI brings over 30 years of experience in restoring your property after an earthquake disaster. Catastrophe recovery services after a quake range from structural reconstruction and recovery to mitigating all the different types of damage an earthquake can cause, like fire or water damage.


If you are located in an earthquake-prone area, consider including the  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Earthquake readiness checklist in your disaster plan. These resources are designed to help you understand earthquake safety to plan for and survive a major earthquake. By being prepared, you can lessen the devastating impacts of an earthquake by mitigating earthquake hazards in your facility. Keep emergency supplies and first aid kits on hand, and plan for what to do before, during, and after a disaster. 

If you are unsure if your area is prone to earthquakes, check with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the Department of Interior (DOI) for information on your area’s risks for natural disasters. Discuss the need for earthquake insurance with your insurance provider to help make disaster recovery a smoother, more affordable process.

Services That Help You Recover

Structural Repairs
Once disaster strikes, ATI’s team can provide essential structural repairs your building requires, within compliance of all State and Local guidelines and following building codes. After thorough structural cleaning, we perform a wide range of repairs, including concrete repair and concrete restoration, precast repairs and replacement, re-framing, steel repair and replacement, and more. The team is thorough, re-installing all building materials that made up the original building before damage.

Demolition & Debris Removal
Whether from a natural catastrophe or selective demolition, we remove construction debris. Concrete, asphalt, wood, aluminum, corrugated cardboard, and several other kinds of other metals can usually be recycled. Any debris that is unable to be reduced, reused, or recycled is properly and safely disposed of. In addition, all hazardous materials, like lead-based paint or asbestos, are handled within guidelines, remediated, and properly disposed of prior to demolition.

ATI responds quickly to emergency situations requiring temporary board up. Boarding gives protection from natural elements and catastrophes and provides security from illegal entry or vandalism. We board up window openings with solid and sturdy solutions and provide reliable options for temporary access doors that are locked and secured to keep your home and family safe.

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