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Getting Your Property Completely Cleaned Up After a Fire

Our smoke and odor remediation services tackle soot damage and stains with effective removers while deodorizing the entire building. Soot particles are small and invasive, embedding themselves into building materials like drywall or porous items like upholstery. Unless it’s professionally addressed, soot lingers long after your property is restored. Smoke odor is potent and lingering. Deodorizing and cleanup service experts can work to prevent any potential health problems they can cause. Our experienced professionals have the expertise and advanced equipment (such as nano filters, air scrubbers, ozone generators, hydroxyl technology, etc.) required to completely remove smoke odor after a fire.

Putting Health & Safety First in Soot & Odor Removal

Our technicians have undergone rigorous safety training and wear respirators, rubber gloves, and needed protection suits while using powerful cleaning solutions.  Following the restoration process, the team makes sure your property is clear of any hazardous odors or cleaning products.


Since there is no singular cleaning method to remove strong smoke soot and odor, we use various solutions depending on the affected area. This ranges from wet cleaning to a more involved scrub with trisodium phosphate. Areas with loose soot on hard surfaces may only require warm water or a dry chemical sponge. For more porous surfaces, we may opt for a stronger chemical or degreaser to get the hard-to-reach soot particles

Fire & Smoke Damage Recovery

Restoring your property to its original condition means it should smell fire-free. Smoke soot and odor removal are equally important in getting your property back to pre-loss condition. While soot can hide in areas unseen, you can’t hide strong odors. Leveraging high-end technology to evaluate the entire building, our fire disaster recovery services are thorough, finding soot in even the most unlikely and hard-to-reach places.

Reconstruction Services

The team evaluates the structural integrity and all damages of the building Then, we identify the critical starting points and set any reconstruction requirements into motion. Cleaning services work in conjunction with reconstruction to ensure your new space is free of offensive odors and back in the least amount of time.

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