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ATI Restoration provides a full range of reconstruction services for homeowners. Our reconstruction experts will fully assess the damage following a natural or man-made disaster and tailor all aspects of recovery to the unique demands of your situation.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the aftermath of a catastrophe. ATI Restoration aims to take the stress out of the equation. Prompt inspection of the property enables us to scope out repairs swiftly. Then, our reconstruction team will get to work as soon as possible.

One phone call is all it takes to begin the process of rebuilding your home. Call ATI Restoration today. We answer the phone 24/7/365, and our reconstruction experts provide 24-Hour Emergency Response to customers throughout the United States.

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What Is Reconstruction?

Reconstruction is the process of rebuilding a home after it has sustained catastrophic damage. Often, the residence has suffered structural loss and/or environmental contamination that makes it unsafe to inhabit.

Recovering from disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. typically requires extensive repairs to the home’s structure. In extreme cases, the structure may need to be partially or totally demolished before being rebuilt.

Whether our focus is stabilizing the structural core or building from scratch, ATI Restoration brings expertise to all aspects of reconstruction. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to restore your home to better than its pre-loss condition.

Reconstruction Services We Provide

ATI Restoration is a full-service reconstruction company. Our reconstruction experts are well-versed in all of the steps necessary for rebuilding your home.

Services That Help You Rebuild

In addition to homeowners, ATI Restoration provides expert reconstruction services to businesses nationwide. Learn about our commercial reconstruction services.

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After a devastating fire that destroyed a family's home, the owners sought ATI's expertise to restore and upgrade their home.

Fire Damage Restoration for a Luxury Residential Home

Why Choose ATI Restoration for Your Home Reconstruction Project?

Multiple factors set us apart when it comes to structural repair and disaster mitigation. Reasons to choose the reconstruction experts at ATI Restoration include:

Rapid Response

There is no time to waste following a disaster. You need immediate, qualified assistance if your home has been damaged. ATI Restoration is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We dispatch reconstruction experts to your property promptly.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). IICRC certification is only awarded to professionals who meet the organization’s high standards for knowledge and training.

Unparalleled Expertise

Since 1989, ATI Restoration has been a leader in the reconstruction industry. We have seen many different situations resulting in major property damage—and helped countless homeowners rebuild better than before.

Fast-Track Reconstruction

Most restoration companies rely on multiple independent contractors to handle big projects. ATI Restoration hires experts in a host of specialized fields. This enables us to fast-track reconstruction work and get you back home sooner.

Advanced Technology

From aerial drones to 3D scanning to sophisticated software, ATI Restoration has an array of technical solutions for overcoming the challenges of rebuilding homes. Our cutting-edge technology ensures efficiency and quality reconstruction.

Quality Workmanship

Doing the right thing—always—is one of our core values. This translates into exceptional results for our customers. No matter the cause or the extent of the damage, our reconstruction team will strive for excellence in everything we do.

Case Study

Fire Restoration for a Residential Home

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How Our Reconstruction Services Work

ATI’s Fast-Track Reconstruction process is a unique, tried-and-true protocol for quickly assessing massive damage to homes and developing an effective plan for restoration and repairs. Key steps in the reconstruction process include:


Assessment & Evaluation

Even seemingly minor damage could be indicative of a critical issue. Our IICRC-certified technicians will evaluate your entire home down to the structural core. We will make note of any and all damages in our assessment so we can determine the scope of reconstruction and plan out any improvements and upgrades.


Design & Permits

If significant changes or additions are planned (such as code upgrades, bylaw upgrades, capital improvements, etc.), ATI Restoration will create a comprehensive design plan for repairs and reconstruction. Our team will obtain any necessary permits from local authorities and ensure compliance with applicable codes and regulations.


Demolition & Debris Removal

A badly damaged structure may need to be demolished before reconstruction can begin. If demolition is necessary, our experts will tear down the structure, clear away the debris, level the ground, and make any additional adjustments so reconstruction can proceed.


Structural Work

The “bones” of the house are the first thing our reconstruction experts build during the reconstruction of a home. This includes the foundation, the walls, the roof, and the framing. ATI Restoration will also handle the installation of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components.


Interior Work

Once the basic structure is in place, the focus shifts to the interior of the property. Reconstruction of the interior involves the installation of flooring, insulation, drywall, windows, doors, and any additional interior finishes. Electrical and plumbing systems are also completed during this phase.


Finishing Touches

The final stage of reconstruction involves adding the finishing touches to the property. This may include painting, installing fixtures, cabinetry, fabricating and installing countertops, and appliance installation. Exterior work such as landscaping, driveway construction, and/or the installation of fences may also be included.


Inspections & Approvals

Throughout the reconstruction process, inspections are typically conducted by local building authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and building codes. Once the construction is complete, a final inspection is carried out to obtain the necessary approvals.

The specific steps and their order may vary depending on the project, local regulations, and the complexity of the reconstruction. You will never have to wait for ATI Restoration to provide you with updates. We communicate with customers proactively so they will always be aware of how reconstruction is progressing and when they can go home again.

Reconstruction & Disaster Mitigation for All Situations

ATI Restoration has more than 60+ regional offices in 20+ states. Our technicians have seen it all, and we leverage this varied and extensive experience to provide the highest caliber of reconstruction services to customers whose homes have sustained multiple types of property damage.

Our reconstruction team can help you recover from serious losses caused by disasters such as:

Each of these situations presents its own unique set of challenges. However, all of them should be treated as an emergency.

A reconstruction team at ATI Restoration will arrive on your property as soon as possible to evaluate the situation. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to help you and your family overcome any disaster by rebuilding your home with the utmost care.

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The ​​structural repair and building reconstruction teams at ATI Restoration combine the expertise of large-scale general contractors with over 30 years of experience in disaster mitigation. As a family-operated business, we never lose sight of the need for empathy and compassion in repairing and rebuilding homes.


Our reconstruction experts have unparalleled experience, skill, and industry knowledge. We strive for excellence in restoring, repairing, and rebuilding your home. In addition to the superior outcomes we achieve for homeowners, ATI Restoration takes pride in offering the highest standard of customer service. Throughout the process of reconstruction, you and your home will be treated with the utmost respect.

If you need reconstruction services after a man-made or natural disaster anywhere in the United States, call ATI Restoration for immediate assistance. With our 24-Hour Emergency Response, we will dispatch a reconstruction team to your home immediately.

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