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Getting Back to Life After a Wildfire

Wildfires are on the rise. Timely fire damage recovery is crucial to minimize damage to your property. ATI’s teams of fire damage recovery services deploy as soon as a fire has been cleared to evaluate damage, construct a plan to get your building back to its pre-loss condition, and prevent further damage to salvageable areas.

Fire Damage Recovery Services 24/7/365

Our IICRC-certified disaster recovery experts work alongside the local fire department to understand the fire suppression devices and techniques used, which is crucial in crafting the best course of action for fire disaster recovery services. 


Preventing Excess Damage 

If your property is a wildfire prone area, working with ATI’s disaster preparedness team could help you prevent excessive damage should a fire occur. Our disaster recovery professionals can put together a unique mitigation plan for your property. This documentation not only helps with insurance claims but gives the disaster recovery team a better understanding of your building and its contents. 

Never visit a fire damage site without an expert, as structural damage is usually hidden from plain sight. Our technicians evaluate and test the site to find and confirm structural damage and plan its repair. ATI repairs all property damage caused by fire and smoke, whether structural or aesthetic. Disaster recovery professionals work to resolve any hazardous conditions and to rebuild affected buildings to their original condition. Smoke odor is potent and lingering as smoke and soot travels beyond damaged areas and seep into the framework and HVAC system.  Deodorizing and cleanup services are instrumental in mitigating this issue.

Services That Help You Rebuild

Soot & Odor Removal
Soot particles are small and invasive, embedding themselves into building materials like drywall or porous items like upholstery. Unless it’s professionally addressed, soot lingers long after your building is restored. Smoke odor is potent and lingering. Deodorizing and cleanup service experts can work throughout your building to prevent any potential health problems. Our experienced professionals have the expertise and advanced equipment (such as nano filters, air scrubbers, ozone generators, hydroxyl technology, etc.) required to completely remove smoke odor after a fire.

Water Extraction
Water is the most used fire suppressant, and after a fire, there will be water damage from sprinklers and fire hoses. Water extraction services work in tandem with other fire disaster recovery methods to return your building to pre-fire conditions and prevent issues in the future, like structural issues and mold growth. Water extraction removes water intrusion and reduces drying time. Powerful sump pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units are used for quick, effective water removal. Other methods used include stopping the source of excessive flow of water, draining of water, removal of non-visible water, drying of the grounds, and dehumidifying the entire area.

Dehumidification removes any remaining moisture in the atmosphere of your property after water extraction services are performed, preventing issues like mold and further protecting the structural integrity of the building. Moisture-laden air enters through desiccants inlet and passes through the desiccant rotor, where the moisture is absorbed. Dry, dehumidified air is then delivered through the process outlet.

Structural Cleaning & Decontamination
Depending on the level of damage, and how the structure of a building is compromised, the solutions range from structural cleaning to teardown. Without comprehensive cleaning and remediation following a fire, the damage done to the structure will never fully be resolved and can even get worse over time. Cleaning and remediation ensure that a fire does not continue to hurt your property even after the flames have been extinguished. 

As fires burn, they can also expose harmful materials, including lead and asbestos. With stringent EPA standards and thorough processes, our certified technicians cautiously remove lead and asbestos from the building and dispose of them safely, reducing any further hazardous environmental spread. For more information on how ATI remediates these environmental hazards, see our full-service page regarding lead and asbestos abatement.

Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC Restoration
Ensuring that air quality inside a building is safe after a fire is critical to protect the health of occupants. An air duct system is very efficient at spreading smoke and entire HVAC systems will be contaminated. Often, these systems will distribute smoke damage well beyond the fire-damaged areas. Smoke from the fire is drawn into return air vents, through the furnace components, and distributed throughout the property.

Fire smoke is naturally attracted to metal surfaces and is corrosive in nature.  Within the air ducts, it clings to the steel and other debris in the air duct system. ATI thoroughly cleans these ducts to remove smoke damage. After cleaning the ventilation system, we apply an odor oxidizer that breaks down the odor-causing chemicals of smoke damage.

Contents Cleaning & Restoration
Our team can salvage various important personal items, including documents, electronics, collectibles, heirlooms, artwork, area rugs, furniture, etc. Using specialized equipment, the team can take out stains, perform soot removal, perform odor removal, and correct corrosion

Damaged electronics are usually salvageable with the repair or replacement of parts, and their cleaning and restoration are part of our fire disaster recovery services. Our team, with the support of a network of trusted professionals specializing in electronics, can repair your costly electronics. Anything that can be cleaned and repaired saves you the money of replacing the item entirely or the headache of finding an equivalent alternative. Certified electrical technicians recover your valuable equipment for repair, preventing further insurance claims or costs for equipment not covered.

Flames can completely destroy doors and windows, leaving your property fire/smoke/soot damaged and vulnerable. Board ups ensure that your building remains secure from unauthorized or illegal activity, and offers protection from the elements during the recovery process.

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