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ATI Restoration provides numerous disaster recovery services to public and private Education clients, including universities and colleges; elementary, middle, and high schools; and school districts. We work quickly and discreetly to assess the situation, isolate the damaged area, and minimize disruption to the learning environment.

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ATI Restoration appreciates the unique challenges faced by educational institutions when disruptions occur. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response service is dedicated to promptly addressing issues at all hours, ensuring that schools and universities across the United States can resume normal operations with minimal delay.

With more than 60 locations nationwide, our network of expert teams enables us to provide rapid, comprehensive support. For large-scale incidents or catastrophic events, our National Response Services Team is specially equipped to mobilize swiftly. Within 24 hours, we can have our teams on-site with expert technicians and advanced equipment, ready to start the restoration process in educational facilities.

We work closely with principals, superintendents, chancellors, university deans, facilities managers, procurement officers, and others to expedite each project effectively and discreetly. Our approach combines multidisciplinary expertise to maximize efficiency while ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. This commitment helps educational institutions swiftly return to their critical role of shaping minds and futures with minimal interruption.

ATI abides by the rules and regulations for our federal, state and local clients.

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Committed to the Safety of Students and Faculty

ATI Restoration takes the safety of students and staff very seriously. To ensure this safety, we employ several strategies to isolate work areas during restoration projects:


Physical Barriers

We install physical barriers, such as plastic sheeting or temporary walls, to seal off the work area from the rest of the school. This not only prevents the spread of dust and debris but also restricts access to the construction area.


Clear Signage

We place clear signage around the work area to warn students and staff of the ongoing construction and to keep them away from potentially hazardous areas.


Controlled Access Points

We establish specific access points for workers to enter and exit the work area. This helps to minimize interaction with the school's daily activities and reduces the risk of students or staff inadvertently entering the work zone.


Regular Communication

We maintain open lines of communication with school administrators to coordinate the restoration work around school schedules when possible, such as working during off-hours or times when students are not present in certain parts of the building.


Compliance with Regulations

We strictly adhere to all safety regulations relevant to school environments, ensuring that our methods of isolating work areas meet or exceed legal requirements.


Regular Safety Inspections

The work area and its surroundings are regularly inspected for safety hazards, and adjustments are made as necessary to maintain a secure environment for both our teams and the school community.

Diligent Communication So You Are Always Up-to-Date

At ATI Restoration, we understand the importance of consistent and clear communication, especially in the education sector. We provide real-time updates on the progress of restoration projects, ensuring transparency and preventing any surprises.

When educational institutions reach out to us for restoration services, our team promptly visits the school and collects detailed information about the damage to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Our skilled technicians conduct in-depth assessments, outline the necessary repairs, and provide estimates for the restoration work.

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During the project, we ensure that educational administrators are kept fully informed. We respond swiftly to any questions and provide regular updates, treating each educational institution as if it were our sole focus.

We recognize the challenges that property damage can pose to the educational process, often leading to interruptions or complete pauses in school operations. Our commitment to ongoing communication ensures that educational leaders are never left uncertain; they receive clear, consistent updates about the restoration process and timelines for getting their institutions back to their prior condition or better.

I've been surprised with how quickly and professionally they've been able to get those areas back in service.

Some of the unique buildings at Arizona State University require challenging cleanups and remediation work, which ATI always gets back in service quickly.

Eric Blood, Project Manager, Arizona State University

Prepare for Disaster with an Emergency Response Agreement (ERA)

ATI Restoration’s Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) is an invaluable asset for educational institutions to ensure swift and effective recovery in the aftermath of a disaster. This agreement is tailored to minimize disruptions in the academic environment, allowing schools and universities to maintain a safe and functional space for students and staff.

Understanding the ERA
By establishing an ERA with ATI Restoration in advance, recovery efforts can be initiated immediately after a disaster strikes. ATI collaborates with key personnel within the educational institution—such as principals, administrators, and facility managers—to customize the ERA according to the specific needs and unique concerns of the educational facility.
For clients in the education sector, the ERA offers significant advantages. Most importantly, it ensures prioritized response. In the event of damage, an institution with an ERA is given precedence, a crucial benefit when dealing with widespread incidents or multiple affected facilities in the area.
The agreement provides a comprehensive suite of emergency services, including established rates and coordination with insurance carriers. Essentially, it equips educational institutions to proactively handle disasters. During such critical times, the focus can remain on providing a safe and uninterrupted educational experience for students.

How Much Does Restoration & Recovery Cost?

ATI Restoration specializes in the restoration of educational facilities that have suffered damage due to fire, water, or mold. We understand the complexities and costs associated with restoration projects, and take several key factors into account when determining pricing:

We carefully evaluate these aspects to provide educational institutions with fair, transparent, and accurate pricing. At ATI, we are committed to providing quality work at a fair price. We employ cost-efficient strategies to effectively utilize resources, ensuring comprehensive restoration without compromising the speed or thoroughness of our services.

Our team is acutely aware of the financial challenges unexpected disasters like fire, water, or mold damage can bring to educational settings. That is why we offer flexible solutions that align with insurance coverages, assisting in the management of direct costs and easing financial strain. This approach has earned us high recommendations from numerous insurance companies.


Honest & Accurate Estimates

For educational institutions facing fire, water, or mold damage, ATI Resetoration’s detailed estimates are an essential part of the recovery process. They clearly outline the scope of our services, from the initial removal of damaged materials to complete reconstruction and remediation. We believe in providing educators and administrators with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their facility’s restoration and recovery.

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A Reputation You Can Trust

ATI Restoration’s team of highly trained and certified experts has a strong track record in assisting educational institutions across the United States with recovery from a diverse range of losses. We work hard to ensure that the quality of our work and the safety of educational facilities are never compromised.

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Minimize Costs, Prevent Additional Loss & Get Back to Class

ATI Restoration offers a range of restoration and recovery services for schools, universities, and colleges. This includes charter, private, public, and religious schools.

We know how vital it is to minimize interruptions on campus at any educational level. ATI Restoration’s top priority is always student and faculty safety. We comply with stringent contractual requirements and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

If your educational institution was damaged by water, fire, mold, or other catastrophe, contact ATI today for immediate assistance.

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