Identifying Gaps & Leaks Early On

Thermal imaging technology reads temperature disparities throughout a defined area. Recording the total radiated thermal energy and calculating temperature from those detected energy levels using complex algorithms, it can read exact temperatures. From water damage to energy conservation, ATI’s thermal imaging technology finds what needs vital repairs before a problem spirals out of control.

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Non-Invasive Technology

As a non-invasive solution to investigating a property thoroughly and with minimal disruption to operations, thermal imaging is a convenient tool. Working externally with technology like drones, and internally with hand-held devices, the cameras can detect infrared radiation to produce thermograms that can read signals of varying size, giving you a head start on pinpointing and addressing problems big or small.

Moisture Mapping

ATI can capture details of moisture inside a structure to help you find problems while they are still small. It notices the minute differences in temperature of a small leak, or the larger temperature changes from a serious, but still otherwise unnoticed problem hidden behind roofing materials like metal panels, or internally behind walls or ceilings. By scanning the envelope of a building, thermal imaging can see what other technology can’t. It allows you to address a moisture problem quickly to avoid the growth of mold which could lead to costly additional repairs.

Energy Loss

Thermal imaging technology is capable of detecting electrical problems, airflow around roofs, windows, doors, and other openings, and address issues such as inefficient insulation or plumbing leaks. It’s one of the most efficient methods to pinpoint energy losses. Identifying these issues quickly means less money spent on utilities, and less spent on solving the problems.

An In-Depth Look

Offering thermal imagery allows ATI to help you take an in-depth look at what is really going on in the envelope of your building. It’s been used to detect small animal nests, gaps in insulation, HVAC leaks and damage, and a variety of issues with electrical and plumbing systems that otherwise could have gone unnoticed until serious damage had occurred.

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