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ATI Restoration provides an array of disaster recovery services to Hospitality clients, including hotels, motels, resorts, hotel-casinos, and more. Our Hospitality team works with ownership/management and operations to minimize business interruption, occupancy revenue loss, and guest impact while keeping safety at the forefront.

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Trusted Recovery Services for a Range of Hospitality Areas

ATI Restoration is a leading commercial disaster recovery and restoration company with years of experience serving the hospitality industry. We understand the unique challenges faced by hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses following a disaster. Our goal is to minimize disruption, protect your assets, and ensure the fastest possible return to full operation.

ATI Restoration handles projects of all sizes, from hidden mold to flooded properties and catastrophic fires. The hospitality businesses we serve vary widely and can include:

When emergencies strike your hospitality business, you need a disaster recovery company you can trust to respond immediately. ATI Restoration is standing by 24/7/365. Our crews are dispatched immediately to assess the damage and develop a customized recovery plan to clean and mitigate the damage, restore the property, and get you back on track.

ATI's experience in the hospitality sector is vast–from small, private hotels to the casino resort and vacation ownership sector.

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Rapid Response. Swift Recovery.

In disaster situations, responsiveness is paramount. ATI Restoration is committed to providing the urgent responsiveness emergency situations require. In the hospitality industry, it is critical to ensure that business disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum to ensure minimal impact on operations and guests’ experiences. Hospitality companies simply cannot afford lengthy disruptions. That is why ATI Restoration provides crucial 24-Hour Emergency Response services to make sure that losses are addressed promptly and your business can resume ASAP.

When disasters threaten the operations of your hospitality business, every minute counts. To help minimize downtime, it’s critical to plan for emergencies before they happen. With ATI Restoration’s Emergency Response Agreement (ERA), you can count on a swift and effective response to any disaster situation.

ATI’s Emergency Response Agreement (ERA)

An Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) is crucial for hospitality businesses to quickly bounce back after a disaster. ATI Restoration’s ERA ensures rapid recovery and minimal disruption, allowing you to continue offering safe services to your guests.

By arranging an ERA beforehand, ATI Restoration can start recovery efforts immediately. We collaborate with key personnel, such as the owner, manager, regional manager, national manager, and others to tailor the ERA to your specific requirements and concerns.


Enhancing Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

An ERA offers numerous benefits to our hospitality clients. Most notably, it provides prioritized response. With an ERA, your facility becomes our top priority in case of damage—a vital advantage when multiple properties in the area are affected.

The agreement covers a comprehensive range of emergency services, established rates, and insurance carrier pre-approval. Essentially, it prepares you to face disasters proactively. In times of crisis, your focus can remain on caring for your guests.

We Make the Recovery and Restoration Process Easy

In the hospitality industry, where guests’ experiences are paramount, any interruption due to unforeseen disasters can significantly impact your reputation and operations. At ATI Restoration, we specialize in turning these potentially disastrous situations into stories of swift and seamless recovery.

Our focus is on ensuring that hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, water parks, and hospitality businesses bounce back with minimal disruption to their services.


We Understand the Unique Needs of the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality sector thrives on meticulous planning, impeccable service, and an unbroken promise of comfort and safety to guests. At ATI Restoration, we understand that each property, whether it’s a boutique hotel or an expansive resort, has its unique needs and operational guidelines. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; we tailor our services to align seamlessly with your existing systems and standards.


Seamless Integration with Your Systems

In the event of a disaster, our team integrates with your staff to ensure a recovery process that is as non-intrusive as possible. We appreciate the complexities involved in hospitality management and work in tandem with your team to maintain the essence of your guests’ experiences, even amidst recovery operations. Our professionals are trained to operate discreetly, ensuring that your guests remain largely unaware of any ongoing restoration work.


Expertise in a Wide Range of Services

Our services extend across a spectrum of needs, including:

ATI Restoration possesses the expertise and technology to handle any challenge, ensuring your property is restored to its original state—if not better.


Rapid Response & Priority Services

Time is of the essence in the hospitality industry. Our rapid response teams are positioned for immediate deployment with 24-Hour Emergency Response services, minimizing the downtime your property experiences. We also offer priority services under our Emergency Response Agreement (ERA), ensuring that your establishment receives immediate attention in times of need.


Compliance & Quality Assurance

Adhering to industry standards and compliance requirements is non-negotiable in hospitality. ATI Restoration is committed to not only meeting but exceeding these standards. Our quality assurance protocols are stringent, ensuring that every restoration step we undertake is in line with the highest industry standards.

Clear, Consistent Communication

Effective communication is key to any successful recovery project. ATI Restoration maintains open and transparent communication channels with your management team, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to align our restoration strategies with your operational needs.

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Proven Results in Hospitality Disaster Remediation & Recovery

The highly trained and certified experts at ATI Restoration have assisted hospitality clients throughout the United States in recovering from all types of loss. We focus on efficiency without compromising the quality of our work or the safety of the facility.

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Learn how ATI Restoration can help you quickly get back on track after a disaster. We are committed to helping hospitality businesses recover quickly and efficiently, keeping disruption to a minimum.

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