Providing Catastrophe Services to Businesses and Facilities Nationwide

Our catastrophe recovery services can help you recover after any natural or man-made disaster. We pride ourselves not only on restoring your commercial property to its pre-loss condition (or even better), but giving you peace of mind. ATI Restoration has the capabilities and experience to minimize business interruptions and help you resume normal operations quickly.

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Our National Response Services (NRS) Team Is Always Ready

ATI’s catastrophe services are defined by responsiveness. We take calls 24/7/365 and promptly dispatch crews to assess the situation. Our NRS Team consists of qualified individuals ready to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice.

We strategically deploy Emergency Response Trailers (ERTs) to areas impacted by disaster. ERTs are loaded with materials and equipment that can jumpstart the recovery process, and supported by the manpower needed to get recovery efforts underway as soon as possible.

They come through in the clutch.

MPB Realty work with ATI because we have gone above and beyond in our communication and our services.

Michael Beukers, President, MPB Realty Services

Catastrophe response is complex. ATI Restoration has mastered the processes involved in recovery from severe weather events, accidents, and more.

We are proud to provide full-scale catastrophe recovery services for commercial properties throughout the continental United States. Our 24-Hour Emergency Response and comprehensive capabilities are designed to get your business or facility back to normal ASAP.

Our Capabilities

ATI Restoration has helped countless commercial properties recover from disaster. Our crews are composed of proven experts with decades of experience and the highest standard of industry knowledge. This enables us to respond quickly and effectively to a host of emergency situations and develop a comprehensive restoration and reconstruction plan.

Our Results
Federal Government

Catastrophe Response & Recovery for a Military Base

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Catastrophe Services for Multiple Industries

You need a firm capable of fully restoring and rebuilding your property. This requires in-depth knowledge of your industry and operations.

As the nation’s leading family-operated restoration company, ATI has earned the trust of countless commercial property owners, property managers, department heads, and insurance companies. We are the go-to choice for catastrophe recovery services where industry knowledge is key.

Industries We Serve

Communication: The Key to Success

Disasters cause chaos. ATI Restoration provides peace of mind when you need it most. We earn our clients’ trust and help them move forward with confidence because every member of our team is an exceptional communicator.

From customer service reps to technicians, each team member is trained according to our core values: ATI CARES. The first of our core values, “Communication Is Key,” tells you exactly how we approach each phone call, text message, and email.

We answer 24/7 when you call. You don’t have to wait around for updates while the work is being performed. Our team will keep you updated on how the work is progressing so you know how much longer it will be before you can get back to business.

The communication for me is number one.

ATI communicates with biologist and engineer experts about what is needed in order to keep the quality of work at its best.

Ryan Whitney, Environmental Biologist, Sevee and Maher Engineers

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Reasons to Choose ATI for Catastrophe Recovery

There is no time to waste when a disaster damages your commercial property. Whether it’s a fire, a flood, an earthquake, an industrial accident, or any other kind of incident, you need a firm with the expertise to help you recover—and you need it ASAP.

ATI Restoration is a nationwide catastrophe services firm with decades of experience, substantial resources, and a wealth of industry knowledge. Some of the reasons commercial clients choose our company to remediate, restore, and rebuild their properties include:

24-Hour Emergency Response

We are available around the clock and ready to dispatch a team to your property any time—day, night, weekend, or holiday. Our 60+ regional offices ensure complete coverage throughout the contiguous U.S. An ATI Restoration crew will be dispatched to your commercial property within 24 hours to perform a complete inspection and begin scoping out repairs.

Unrivaled Reputation

ATI Restoration started as a family-owned business. We have grown immensely over the years, expanding our capabilities while adhering to the high standard of service and strong relationships we build with clients. This personalized approach and our commitment to excellence in everything we do is the secret to ATI’s 30+ years of success in the industry.

Advanced Technology

Our crews utilize state-of-the-art equipment to assess the damage to your property and identify the necessary catastrophe recovery services. Aerial drones enable us to understand the magnitude of the disaster, while 3-D scanning provides precise imaging of the damage to interior spaces. We use the industry’s most robust software to generate accurate estimates.

Can I Set Up a Vendor Relationship for All of My Properties?

ATI Restoration commonly enters vendor relationships for commercial clients with multiple properties. We are also recommended by the vast majority of insurance companies.

Having a vendor relationship in place is critical for streamlining recovery from a catastrophe. ATI Restoration works closely with property owners, managers, and other stakeholders to ensure their needs are met should disaster strike. We offer a one-of-a-kind Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) to help clients prepare for the worst and put the best measures in place for a prompt recovery.

Your Partner in Disaster Preparation

The longer you wait to begin restoration and reconstruction, the more difficult it will be to recover. Delays can also lead to secondary damages that further complicate repairs (and increase the cost).

With an ERA, you are guaranteed priority service. ATI often receives multiple calls from customers in disaster areas, but you will be our first stop and restoring your property will be our top priority.


Before entering a vendor relationship, team members at ATI Restoration work closely with the stakeholders to understand your needs, challenges, and current disaster recovery planning. Our goal is to be a seamless partner in recovering from a disaster.

The Emergency Response Agreement is 100% transparent. You will see exactly what services we offer and the rates we charge before you sign the contract. This allows you to plan and budget appropriately for catastrophe recovery services.

Local contractors simply don’t have the people, equipment, and resources to respond effectively when a major catastrophe hits. You can’t afford any delays or lack of expertise—you need the right people to respond right away.

ATI Restoration’s ERA guarantees exactly that. We have restored thousands of commercial properties, giving us unparalleled experience not only in the rebuilding process but what it takes to prepare. These insights are at the heart of the ERA, enabling us to provide unparalleled service in the event of a catastrophe.

Comprehensive Catastrophe Services

ATI Restoration responds to catastrophes throughout the country. With 60+ locations, we serve clients in all regions and climates. This gives us an in-depth knowledge of local weather patterns, as well as the disasters that may occur in a particular area.

Our crews provide catastrophe services nationwide for all types of major disasters—natural and man-made.

We Respond to All Catastrophes

This is far from a comprehensive list. If your commercial property has sustained any type of catastrophic damage, we encourage you to contact ATI Restoration 24/7/365.

Expertise for Every Job

The exact steps involved in disaster recovery depend on the nature and extent of the damages. We custom-tailor each plan to restore your property to its pre-loss condition (or better).

ATI Restoration specializes in the following areas of catastrophe recovery services for commercial properties:

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

The effects of fire, smoke, soot, and water can be devastating. ATI Restoration fully inspects your commercial property and designs a personalized recovery plan.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Our HAZWOPER-trained technicians can take on any category of water damage. From severe flooding to sewer backups, we have the capabilities and equipment you need.

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Mold & Environmental Restoration

Mold & Environmental Restoration

Strict regulations govern the handling of asbestos, lead, and mold. We have advanced training in best practices to improve the health and safety of your property.

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Our Fast-Track Reconstruction process is designed to minimize delays and rebuild your property ASAP. We pride ourselves on the highest standard of workmanship.

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ATI Restoration handles all aspects of reconstruction following catastrophic damage to a commercial property. This may include:

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