Vandalism Cleanup & Restoration
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When your building is subjected to vandalism, our repairs are honed in first on fixing key areas of your building required for you to remain operational. We provide recovery services for a damaged structure or façade and broken glass. Our team has the equipment and skill to remove defacement of any kind from even the toughest surfaces, interior or exterior, including drywall, concrete, asphalt, plastic, flooring, wood, brick, all masonry, and glass.

Thorough Cleaning & Restoring After Vandalization

Vandalism comes in many forms and requires a variety of clean-up services to recover your commercial property. We use safe, effective, and biodegradable graffiti removal solutions, knowing that your building employees, tenants, or clients still occupy the space. We also provide debris clean-up, carefully recognizing which debris should be removed and properly disposed of, and which debris is salvageable for reconstruction or recovery.


As a nationwide disaster recovery firm, ATI is equipped to help property owners with graffiti removal services and other vandalism recovery services in municipalities across the country. Prompt attention to discourage vandals and remediate vandalism on properties, especially vacant properties, helps protect property values. We recommend that property owners report graffiti and other acts of vandalism to local law enforcement before cleaning services are provided.

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