Situational Awareness for Natural Disasters

ATI employs situational awareness platforms for monitoring natural disasters, violent incidents, and public health emergencies. This technology allows our ATI team to proactively identify risks before an event affects your properties. This proactive identification helps us keep you informed and helps us react prior to an impending event, allowing us to deploy our teams where and when they’re needed most.

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One Step Ahead of Local, Regional & National Weather

Information and imagery collected from a satellite data network is analyzed and disseminated, giving us the ability to evaluate national and regional weather and disaster trends. This system allows us to proactively respond and activate Emergency Response Agreements (ERAs) for clients that are in the path of disaster.

Creating a Custom Emergency Response Agreement

We digitally map your assets, visualize risk events, alert you in real-time, and take action to protect your operations. An ERA can be an important part of your disaster recovery plan, providing peace of mind should an unfortunate disaster event occur. It provides priority service in times of peak demand, delivering rapid response and efficient recovery. Our ERAs also feature pre-determined pricing, taking the guesswork out of your recovery budget process.

Analyzing Trends & Hotspots

With a benchmark against other industry peers, sectors, and building locations, ATI can track active and historic incidents and create maps and alerts for significant events. This event tracking allows our teams and our clients to stay proactive.

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