Selective & Controlled Demolition
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Bring a Fresh Start to Your Reconstruction Ideas

Controlled demolition is best for tearing down tall buildings, like skyscrapers, large concrete structures, or structural steel buildings. ATI guides planned detonations for a building implosion or wrecking for selective areas of the building. Demolition is the first step to making a property profitable again with new buildings. However, it can also be the most dangerous part of reconstruction if you don’t partner with a professional contractor.

Giving Your Business Control Over a New Look

Selective and controlled demolition for commercial properties requires extensive planning. When coordinating the complete or partial tearing down of a tall building, ATI’s controlled demolition contractors understand complex demolition work and excel at delivering safe, quality results.


Safety plays an important role in selective and controlled demolition. Tearing down some of the tallest buildings in a market is not only risky to people in the surrounding area, but other local buildings may experience business disruption or damage from vibrations. Working with a certified and licensed demolition team that is fully bonded and insured, like ATI, will prevent these issues. 

Controlled demolition is the ideal option for high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, or other large buildings in densely populated areas. Unlike demolition firms that only offer demolition services, ATI can also help you with reconstruction and other disaster recovery services as needed.

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