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Uncovering the Best of Your Facility

When your facility needs dismantling services, ATI is ready to make that process simple and cost-effective. Whether your facility is historic and reuse of materials is required, a repair is needed in an otherwise inaccessible area, or preserving unique elements of a modern space is important for your facility, ATI is ready to get the job done right.

Your Trusted Partner in Dismantling Services

When areas are dismantled to uncover hazardous materials, ATI is careful to test and treat all building materials removed for hazards, ensuring that materials are safe to be reinstalled. Dismantling can require special permitting and approval from a local jurisdiction, especially in the case of historic buildings. As a national disaster recovery firm, ATI is ready to navigate that process anywhere.


During interior industrial salvage removal projects, our demo crew may remove salvageable materials with care to allow for reuse. When demolishing a building, strong metal can be difficult to destroy so hydraulic shears are an essential part of demolition. Hydraulic shears are powered by hydraulics and used to cut through metals.After demolition experts finish performing the other dismantling services, we bring long boom excavators to finish the job.

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