Analyzing Property Conditions With 3D Property Scanning

By providing photographic and measurement data in a virtual environment to capture every detail of interior space, 3D property scanning can be used to cut down inefficiencies in field estimating, measurement time, sketch accuracy, and drive time. As a company with over 30 years of experience, ATI continues to be a trendsetter by incorporating new technologies to improve the disaster recovery process.

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Interactive Digital Technology and Real-Time Results

Proven to be the most accurate way to capture property conditions, 3D scanning delivers an interactive model complete with spatial dimensions and transcripts. ATI teams and technicians leverage this cutting-edge technology and the knowledge it provides to identify all affected areas of a building, develop, and deliver a rapid, yet accurate, scope of work. This expedites the insurance process, allowing us to provide remediation, restoration, and decontamination services fast, limiting secondary facility damages.

3D Technology Aided Disaster Planning, Precaution & Recovery

3D scanning technology is a critical tool for disaster planning and recovery. The ability to create an exact 3D model of a space allows insurance companies to proactively scan a building for an underwriting policy as well as evaluate the building post-disaster for damage. These tools give your business and our team a head start on what your building needs before a disaster strikes.

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