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Mitigating the Risk of Further Damage After a Fire

ATI responds quickly to emergencies like fire damage and other situations requiring emergency board-up services. Our fast response time allows us to assess the situation and adopt appropriate techniques based on the needs of each building. We help with clean-up, provide roof tarping where necessary, and secure areas with broken glass with solid and sturdy solutions like window boards and temporary fencing, providing reliable options for temporary access doors that are locked and secured. Boarding gives protection from the elements and provides security from illegal entry or vandalism, giving property owners and managers peace of mind. Our team specializes in both residential and commercial board-ups.

Using Solid, Reliable Materials

There are multiple options for boarding up your building after it has suffered fire damage. We assess the potential risks and select the appropriate materials and installation methods to protect it from further damage. ATI’s professionals are transparent throughout the assessment, making sure you understand all your options and the best solution.


As a company, ATI stays ahead of the industry in researching new assemblies or materials that deliver superior support when your property has experienced a fire. Following our installation, we assess the success of the job and check on customer satisfaction, carrying our boarding-up expertise and learned success from one project to the next. We make sure vacant properties receive quality board up services to help stay secure, and to prevent further damage if the property has already been impacted.

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