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Xactimate is an operating system that specializes in repair and reconstruction estimation for both residential and commercial structures, helping ATI interface with your insurance company and keep your restoration project on track. This software is updated in real-time, designed specifically for property adjusting and covering a huge range of materials, types of labor, and other restoration needs, all while considering the geographic location.

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Our Team of Experts

Using our team of Xactimate experts, we provide highly technical estimates of damages for all mitigation, disaster recovery and restoration, and construction. ATI ensures that members of our team are cross-trained and certified in Xactimate’s software, meaning that the same team that handles your restoration project can help you handle the insurance side of things as seamlessly as possible.

An Integrated Program for Accurate Pricing

With automatic calculations for material and labor quantities, it delivers content, accuracy, versatility, and speed at a caliber unmatched by other technologies. With fully integrated software that provides quarterly updates, Xactimate provides the most current and accurate pricing throughout both the United States and Canada. Xactimate’s connection to online servers is designed specifically for changes in property price and regulation.

Diverse Estimations

Whether in the office or in the field, ATI’s team can find anything from material and equipment costs to labor productivity rates for new construction and restoration. With a diverse selection of estimations, the comprehensive solution can evaluate thousands of tasks and items, saving both time and money. With a wide variety of search parameters, even when researching a “what if?” scenario, Xactimate search specifications are customizable to meet your exact needs.

Limitless Potential with Cloud Technology

Xactimate’s streamlining estimation process and cloud technology give it the capability to do everything from sketch out floor plans, roof layouts, and other home features, to inventory repair for thousands of tasks and items. Hosted on the cloud, the combination of software, databases, and workflows means utilizing Xactimate means ATI makes the most of your time and our resources.

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