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ATI Restoration provides a comprehensive range of disaster recovery services to our Department of Defense and Federal Civilian clients. We are honored to serve all military branches and support the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. We have a decades-long history of collaboration with our nation’s top federal contractors and have maintained stellar performance evaluations on the more than 2,000 projects we have completed on behalf of government clients.

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24/7 Emergency Response

ATI Restoration is equipped to handle emergencies affecting a variety of federal properties, including offices, hospitals, military bases, and military housing. Our team of licensed professionals, skilled in various trades, is prepared to address complex damages promptly and ensure the preservation of buildings with both historic and strategic value.

Our 24-Hour Emergency Response guarantees immediate action for federal clients. We are committed to minimizing disruptions and safeguarding operational continuity during the restoration and reconstruction process.

A Trusted Name in Federal Sector Recovery

With over 35 years of experience and a network of 65+ regional offices, ATI Restoration specializes in providing comprehensive disaster recovery services tailored to the unique requirements of federal government facilities. Our proficiency in navigating the RFP process and Schedule 84 vendor status make us a preferred choice for federal government disaster recovery initiatives.

Whether dealing with administrative centers, embassies, judicial buildings, research facilities, or other critical infrastructure, we prioritize reducing service interruptions and upholding the seamless functioning of vital public services.

ATI abides by the rules and regulations for our federal, state and local clients.

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Keeping Our Country Running When Disaster Strikes

ATI Restoration has a comprehensive understanding of the demands placed on federal agencies. We provide a rapid response 24/7/365 and maintain the stringent compliance, security clearances, and discretion essential for federal projects. Our proven track record of successful collaborations with the federal government serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability.

Our services are crafted to meet the standards and protocols required by federal operations, allowing us to navigate the complexities of procurement-driven projects. Our skilled teams—composed of professionals from every imaginable trade—eliminate the need for subcontracting, giving us direct control over project quality and timelines and creating a streamlined disaster recovery process.

This capacity, combined with our proactive communication and integrity-driven ethos, positions ATI Restoration as a standout provider in the federal disaster recovery domain. We are here to quickly address issues impacting the critical infrastructure and specialized facilities that our national security and governance rely on.

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Emergency Response & Preparedness: A Strategic Advantage
ATI Restoration’s Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) equips federal agencies with a disaster recovery blueprint. Aligned with FEMA protocols, the strategic framework provided by an ERA guarantees a swift mobilization of resources and a priority disaster response. This helps to minimize operational interruptions and protect the nation's security.
ATI Restoration strives to exceed the restoration and reconstruction needs of the federal government. We are adept at managing projects that demand high-security clearance. We also adhere to stringent training protocols and comply with exacting safety standards to safeguard infrastructure and sensitive information during the restoration process. Our ability to efficiently navigate the federal procurement landscape—including leveraging GSA schedules—enables us to expedite disaster recovery operations and meet the urgent needs of federal agencies of all scope and size.
Choosing ATI Restoration for federal disaster recovery needs means partnering with a leader in the field, known for unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement. Our comprehensive restoration and reconstruction strategies minimize disruptions, supporting operational integrity and maintaining public trust. With ATI Restoration, federal clients are assured of a partnership that prioritizes fast, effective, and compliant disaster recovery solutions.
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Catastrophe Response & Recovery for a Military Base

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Project Management Designed for Federal Standards

Our project management is designed to align with the distinct operational frameworks of federal facilities. As a Schedule 84-approved vendor, we know how to navigate the RFP process and utilize GSA and procurement resources to ensure an expedient and compliant response to federal needs.


Customized Project Management Approach

Our approach to project management is tailored to meet the unique demands of the federal sector. We thoroughly plan and execute disaster recovery efforts to ensure seamless integration with federal protocols and processes, seeing that each step of our operation conforms to the established standards of federal facilities.


Integrated Recovery & Coordination

Beyond traditional restoration, our approach encompasses complete integration with federal systems and coordination with on-site third-party BMO staff. This optimizes our response to the specific needs of facilities like prisons or Department of Defense sites. Our comprehensive coordination supports uninterrupted federal operations, facilitating an optimized recovery process.


Specialization in Federal Services

ATI’s services are expansive, encompassing all aspects of disaster recovery and reconstruction. Our capabilities range from conducting structural restorations in historic properties to executing secure document retrieval operations following a catastrophe. We have the experienced professionals necessary to meet the precise requirements of federal projects.


Prioritized & Efficient Response

Understanding the urgency of federal operations, especially during emergencies, we provide prioritized response capabilities. Our Emergency Response Agreement promises rapid deployment and immediate action, greatly reducing recovery times to allow for operational continuity.


Regulatory Adherence & Quality Assurance

Compliance with federal regulatory standards is a critical aspect of our services. Our comprehensive quality control and compliance protocols guarantee that our disaster recovery processes meet and exceed the strictest federal standards, ensuring that every project upholds the security and integrity of federal operations.

By integrating strategic project management with robust federal standards, ATI Restoration provides federal entities with the highest level of service. We are a partner you can rely on to protect and restore critical infrastructure efficiently and effectively, without compromising quality or customer service.

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Available When You Need Us Most

ATI Restoration’s commitment to our federal clients is unwavering. You can rely on our 24-Hour Emergency Response service to ensure the deployment of IICRC-certified restoration professionals to federal sites exactly when you need them most. Skilled, attentive, and dedicated, we are prepared to tackle man-made and natural disasters of all magnitudes, reduce disruptions and expenses, and take every step necessary to restore operational normalcy.

Contact ATI Restoration today to learn how our Emergency Response Agreement can prioritize your federal facility’s needs. Our emergency crews provide swift and effective resolutions to water intrusion, fire damage, mold infestation, and other disaster recovery challenges.

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