An iconic federal building in California experienced a water main break, requiring document drying, setting up containments, asbestos abatement, returning active offices to exact condition, and navigating extremely tight security for both the facility and the document contents being restored.
ATI deployed 100 workers per shift, seven days a week for a month to get the job done across all needed specialties, navigating the extensive challenges within security protocols, and successfully restoring documents and offices to federal standards.

The Situation

When a water main broke on the second floor of an iconic federal building in Laguna Niguel, California, ATI was called into action. The distinctive pyramid-shaped building houses a number of government agencies, and visitors are required to pass through electronic security equipment on the first floor. Security was tight as ATI addressed asbestos issues and dried documents, among other tasks.

The Solution

Most of the work was completed from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. to avoid disrupting the offices. ATI crews set up containments every night to minimize dust, moved furniture to access work areas and restored offices to the way they found them each morning. ATI utilized an empty ballroom to install drying chambers for specialized, privileged and confidential documents. With 100 workers per shift seven days a week for an entire month, ATI completed a sensitive project that many competitors were unable to bid on because of the multiple specialty trades required.


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