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With more than 35 years of experience, ATI Restoration can handle commercial demolition of all shapes and sizes. Extensive industry knowledge and strict adherence to safety standards are both vital for the successful demolition and dismantling of commercial properties. You can rest assured that our demolition experts are fully bonded and insured, in addition to holding all required licenses and certifications.

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What Is Commercial Demolition?

Clients often call on ATI to help them recover from catastrophic losses. Demolition may be required if a commercial building is damaged beyond repair or contains hazardous materials.

24/7 Catastrophe Recovery Services

Every demolition project requires specific solutions that are right for that particular property. Our technicians will arrive on scene within 24 hours to evaluate the damage and develop a cohesive plan for safely tearing down the structure, clearing the site, and rebuilding your property.


Commercial demolition may involve the following:

Once the building is dismantled or the structure is totally demolished, ATI will also remove the debris and dispose of all waste properly. To ensure compliance, we maintain complete records at all times.

Types of Commercial Demolition

As an experienced commercial demolition contractor, ATI Restoration is capable of handling demolition for a wide range of properties. This includes multifamily housing, office buildings, warehouses, retail stores and shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and many more.

The main methods for demolishing a structure are:

ATI serves a multitude of industries. Our wide-ranging experience and industry knowledge, together with our advanced training, give us unparalleled expertise in demolitions for clients with many different needs and goals.

Industries We Serve

Commercial Demolition Requirements

Demolition is a tightly regulated industry. In addition to federal requirements, each state and city has its own rules and procedures for demolition activities.

With 70+ locations in the continental United States, ATI Restoration is well-versed in the complex regulatory landscape surrounding commercial demolition. Our experts know how to navigate the process, cutting through red tape and streamlining the paperwork wherever possible.

Major requirements in any demolition project include:


Permits & Approvals

Our team can help with the permit application and other paperwork specific to your property. This may include historic preservation, waste management, and more. We also ensure that the demolition and reconstruction of your property comply with local building codes and zoning regulations.


Site Assessment & Planning

Hiring a qualified commercial demolition contractor is essential for the success of the project. Our experts will closely evaluate the structural integrity of the building and map out utilities that need to be disconnected. We also partner with industrial hygienists to identify environmental hazards.


Safety Requirements

OSHA requires the creation of a safety plan before commencing demolition. Workers must be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and training in how to recognize and protect themselves from hazards. ATI is extremely safety-conscious, and we fully abide by all rules and regulations.


Documentation & Recordkeeping

From the initial demolition permit to the completion of the project, all aspects of our commercial demolition services are fully documented. Meticulous records are critical for regulatory compliance, staying on schedule, and the satisfactory completion of all work.


Communication & Coordination

We work closely with all stakeholders to guarantee maximum safety, efficiency, and quality of results. This includes property owners and managers, department heads, and others. Our goal is to streamline commercial demolition as much as possible and give you peace of mind when your business is disrupted.

Read About Our Core Values: ATI CARES

When the Best Option Is Starting New, ATI Is Here

Demolishing or dismantling a structure is a highly specialized process. As a commercial property owner or manager, you need to feel confident that the contractor you choose has the experienced crews, advanced technology and equipment, and proven techniques for addressing your particular losses.

ATI Restoration has built an unmatched reputation for excellence. For nearly four decades, clients have trusted us with complex demolitions following man-made and natural disasters, as well as to remove and safely dispose of hazardous materials.

Case Studies

Hurricane Ian

See All Case Studies

ATI Restoration specializes in both demolition and reconstruction. Once all losses have been fully addressed, we will set to work restoring the interior and exterior of your commercial property. We perform the highest caliber of reconstruction and repairs, returning your property to its pre-loss condition or better.

Rebuilding Commercial Properties with Care

Is It Possible to Isolate the Area?

Your business or facility may be able to stay open while selective or interior demolition activities are performed. The key is to isolate affected areas to protect occupants, visitors, and guests, as well as your employees.

After a complete inspection, ATI Restoration will fully review the scope of work and help you determine whether business operations can continue during demolition. Important considerations include:

Solutions such as a phased demolition and placement of physical barriers can help isolate the area where work is being performed. We also account for ventilation, sealing off air ducts before starting demolition and cleaning the HVAC system afterward to limit the spread of dust and contaminants.

How to Estimate Commercial Demolition

It is difficult to provide a cost estimate for commercial demolition services without knowing the particulars of your situation. Cost is based on the square footage of the building, as well as permit and licensing fees and the complexity of the project.

When it comes to catastrophic losses, being prepared is the best money-saving measure. Although we can’t provide a blanket estimate for the cost of commercial demolition, ATI Restoration can serve as a capable partner in helping you recover from a disaster.

Make ATI Part of Your Disaster Contingency Plan
By partnering with ATI in advance, you will know exactly what to expect in the event of an emergency. Our Emergency Response Agreement (ERA) guarantees priority service when you need it most. It also clearly identifies the services we provide and the rates we charge, enabling you to plan and budget for worst-case scenarios.

The ERA guarantees that your needs are prioritized. Just call our 24-Hour Emergency Response line, and we will dispatch a crew to your property before we respond to other inquiries.

Your ERA is designed to perfectly complement existing disaster plans. Our crews will work with your team, first responders, and local utilities to bring order to chaos on the premises. This minimizes stress and confusion for you and your staff and helps us get the agreed-upon emergency services underway as soon as possible.

Small restoration companies don’t have the workforce, equipment, or resources to respond appropriately to major disasters. Commercial property owners need the assurance and solutions that only a large disaster recovery firm can provide.

With an Emergency Response Agreement, ATI’s experience and capabilities are at your disposal right away. Addressing the loss immediately helps minimize interruptions to your business. It can also help identify damages that may require demolition before the property can be rebuilt.

Why Choose ATI Restoration?

In all aspects of commercial demolition services, our goal is to make it easy for you and your team. Reasons to choose ATI for these major projects include:

24/7 Responsiveness

We answer the phone any time, day or night, and send technicians to severely damaged properties ASAP.

Excellent Capabilities

Projects are handled by demolition experts, abatement specialists, and construction industry veterans.

Great Communicators

Communication is a core value at ATI, and our team will communicate with you proactively at all times.

Safety First, Always

We take all precautions to protect our crews, your staff, building occupants, and neighboring properties.

Resources at the Ready

ATI’s preloaded CAT trailers can respond at a moment’s notice, and we can quickly source heavy equipment.

Fast-Track Reconstruction

Once demolition is complete, ATI can also rebuild your property quickly, safely, and to a high standard.

Contact Our Commercial Demolition Experts Today

ATI Restoration is a trustworthy and capable commercial demolition contractor, handling major projects for businesses, government facilities, and more. Whether your property has sustained a catastrophic loss or you are considering voluntary upgrades, ATI provides custom solutions with compassion and attention to your unique needs and goals.

Reach out to ATI Restoration 24/7/365. Our 70+ nationwide locations mean we can quickly respond to disasters and environmental hazards throughout the continental United States.

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