A copy-machine fire destroyed a 3,000-square-foot family home while they were away before the winter holidays, resulting in a total loss of the building that required a complete reconstruction and the securement of building permits to proceed.
ATI turned a family’s catastrophe into a dream come true, rebuilding their home with a chance to invest in upgrades and improved functionality. All permits were secured by ATI and construction began six months after the disaster, and the pool was saved by ATI’s quick work.

The Situation

A fire caused by a copy machine destroyed a family’s 3,000-square-foot home while they were away just before the winter holidays. ATI assessed damages, determined that the home had to be reconstructed and was contracted for the project.

The Solution

With an eye on reducing costs, ATI saved the pool by building a protective modular wooden cover while permits for the home reconstruction were secured. Although they lost everything in the fire, the family used the opportunity to rebuild everything to their taste and specifications. They invested in upgrades and changed the original footprint of the house to improve functionality. Building permits were secured, and construction began after six months.

Excellent day-to-day project management, in partnership with the client, transformed a disaster into a dream come true. Seeing people at their low point and then turning it into a high is the most rewarding part of our work at ATI.

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