A national hardware store in Kansas started with simple flooding from a sewer back-up in their parking lot that turned into discovering a main sewer line collapse and a health inspector threatening to close the store.
ATI kept the store open throughout the seven-day repair and decontamination process, resolving the plumbing within 14 hours. Flood cuts, cleaning, drying, and decontamination were all performed within the first three days, allowing for drywall and flooring to be repaired within the next four days.

The Situation

Flooding from a sewer backup jeopardized a national hardware store in Wichita, Kansas. However, ATI worked quickly to resolve the problem and complete repairs while the business remained open.

The Solution

Called out to extract and clean sewage flowing out to the parking lot, ATI’s initial snaking proved the situation was far worse than it first appeared. Flooding continued. Within an hour, ATI set up portable toilets and engaged an industrial hygienist to develop decontamination procedures acceptable to a city of Wichita health inspector who had threatened to close the store.

As a large pumping truck removed waste from ATI’s extractors, workers discovered that the main sewer line had collapsed. The plumbing issue was resolved within 14 hours, and ATI performed flood cuts in the affected area, cleaned and placed drying equipment. More disinfecting was conducted on Day Two, and the area was dry by Day Three. The industrial hygienist tested to ensure no traces of biomedical waste contamination remained. ATI completed repairs to the drywall and flooring by Day Seven, and the store maintained regular business hours throughout the whole event.

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