A commercial building experienced severe water damage across nine floors due to water leakage that impacted all restrooms and common areas on the ninth floor and all eight floors below.
The offices in the building remained open while ATI utilized commercial drying equipment, preventing secondary damage, and painstakingly worked to clear all areas of mold before reinstalling drywall, retexturing, and reinstalling wallpaper to bring the building back to pre-damage condition.

The Situation

Water leakage on the ninth floor of a commercial building in Southern California led to major water loss. The water affected all restrooms and common areas not only on the floor it started, but also on the eight floors beneath.

The Solution

ATI immediately began water extraction. Commercial drying equipment was set up throughout the building to reduce the humidity and prevent secondary damages on all surfaces. Drywall, ceilings and floors were the priorities.

Crew members working to remove affected drywall.
Crew members working to remove affected drywall.

Because most of the walls were wallpapered, it was a very labor-intensive project. Wallpaper was removed along with the drywall. Once moisture assessments cleared the area of mold, drywall was replaced, retextured and the walls re-wallpapered.

Offices in the building sustained little or no damage, so they could stay open for business. ATI crews worked in the evenings to complete the project so that the businesses were not disrupted, and tenants were extremely happy with the results.

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