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Expert Cleanup & Disposal Services for Polychlorinated Biphenyls

PCB remediation may be necessary if your commercial property or facility is contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). These toxic “forever chemicals” can enter the local environment and cause a wide range of health issues for tenants and customers, as well as your employees.

ATI Restoration has extensive experience helping commercial property owners and facilities managers remove and remediate environmental hazards. Our technicians undergo rigorous safety training on a regular basis, giving us the expertise and industry knowledge to safely remove PCBs from the premises.

NOTE: While ATI serves clients nationwide, PCB remediation is a specialty service provided solely by our New England offices in Salem and Hartford.

What Is PCB Remediation?

PCB remediation is the process of removing polychlorinated biphenyls from a property, disposing of the waste in accordance with EPA regulations, and performing necessary cleaning and restoration activities. Each project is unique, requiring an individualized strategy.

In the United States, PCBs were manufactured from 1929 until domestic production was banned in 1979. Over these 50 years, an estimated 1.5 billion pounds of polychlorinated biphenyls were used for a wide range of industrial applications.

PCBs were commonly used in:

  • Electrical components such as transformers, capacitors, and voltage regulators
  • Fluorescent light ballasts
  • Caulking, sealants, and adhesives
  • Insulation for electrical cables
  • Acoustic floor and ceiling tiles
  • Paints, dyes, and pigments
  • Industrial oils, lubricants, and other fluids

The problem with PCBs is that they remain in the environment for a long period of time. Issues such as improper disposal have caused widespread PCB contamination in areas across the United States.

Property owners are advised to check for manufactured PCB products before performing major renovations or demolishing structures on the property. This is especially true for properties built from 1929–1979, when PCB production was at its height.

PCB remediation can be highly complex. It should only be performed by companies with specialized capabilities, equipment, and training.


Why Are PCBs Dangerous?

Polychlorinated biphenyls are toxic to humans. Long-term exposure puts people at risk for a variety of health issues, including:

  • Liver damage
  • Suppression of the immune system, reducing the body’s ability to fight infections
  • Hormone disruption
  • Decreased fertility and other reproductive issues
  • Neurological deficits and developmental delays in children

Cancer risk is another major concern. PCB has been identified as a probable human carcinogen, with research suggesting a connection between PCB exposure and an increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cancers of the liver.

24-Hour Responsiveness

Our 24-hour service guarantees that your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. Call ATI anytime, and we will dispatch specially qualified technicians to your property within 24 hours.

Because commercial property owners are encouraged to have buildings tested for PCBs prior to renovation or demolition, polychlorinated biphenyls and PCB-containing materials are often detected when major upgrades are about to begin. We understand that the timing is inconvenient, but proper and timely PCB remediation can ensure that hazards are removed—as well as protect you from lawsuits related to contamination.

Complete Capabilities

We work closely with industrial hygienists to understand the extent of PCB contamination. This enables us to develop a comprehensive plan for PCB disposal, cleanup, and remediation.

Regulations surrounding the removal and disposal of PCBs are extensive and often confusing for property owners. When you hire the certified experts at ATI Restoration, you can feel confident that remediation activities will be performed safely, efficiently, and with an emphasis on doing quality work.

ATI is a trusted provider of environmental remediation services. Our capabilities include PCB abatement for properties across a multitude of different industries.

Communication Is Our #1 Priority

Property owners and their teams can’t afford uncertainty and delays. ATI’s proactive communication style is designed to keep clients informed, give them peace of mind, and help them make plans for reopening and/or improvements.

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What Is the Process of PCB Remediation?

The process of removing any type of environmental hazard is intricate and multifaceted. If PCBs have been found on your commercial property, it is important to partner with knowledgeable experts who can address the contamination properly.

Safe and effective PCB abatement in man-made structures involves the following steps:



Based on the samples taken during testing, we prepare a complete abatement strategy. This involves prioritizing abatement activities and planning out how to dispose of contaminated materials. We also seal off the area before starting PCB remediation.


PCB Removal

Our technicians use the appropriate tools when dealing with PCBs. Possible remediation strategies include manual removal with utility knives, cutting with electromechanical tools, or dry ice blasting.


PCB Disposal

We follow all federal regulations for disposing of PCB waste. This includes proper storage and handling, as well as transport to an approved facility.


PCB Cleanup

Our priority is to remove the dust produced during PCB abatement. We use wet rags to thoroughly wipe down surfaces and industrial-grade HEPA vacuums to fully decontaminate the area.



All aspects of PCB remediation are thoroughly documented by our team. The abatement report includes detailed notes, photographs, and waste disposal records.

Our trustworthy experts have decades of experience removing PCBs from commercial properties. We are capable of handling remediation projects of all sizes. Property owners can expect clear communication, commitment to the highest safety standards, and excellent service throughout the process.

Comprehensive PCB Remediation Solutions

Polychlorinated biphenyl contamination is widespread in New England. Technicians at ATI Restoration are licensed to perform PCB remediation throughout the region.

We work with commercial property owners, schools and universities, government agencies, and other clients to safely remove PCBs and decontaminate the premises. PCB remediation is critical for protecting occupants and employees, ensuring regulatory compliance, preventing environmental damage, and mitigating legal risks.

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