A multifamily community in California was the target of arson while under escrow, impacting all three floors of the building due to smoke and water damage. All residents relocated to hotels due to the presence of asbestos contamination in 23 units and three corridors.
ATI completed all work necessary before the close of escrow, with a priority on containment and cleanup of the asbestos contamination in corridors that gave access to units impacted by the fire, water, and smoke damages, all of which was decontaminated and repaired.

The Situation

A resident at a multifamily community in Southern California intentionally set his unit on fire. The blaze consumed the second floor and filled other corridors with smoke.

The Solution

ATI received a call in the early hours of the morning and quickly arrived at the property to assess the loss and determine the extent of the damages. Smoke and water affected all three floors of the property. Because of the unknown hazards associated with the fire, residents from all 35 units were relocated to hotels until their units were cleared as safe.

Fully-restored unit

A certified industrial hygienist was onsite the same day to test for asbestos. Twenty-three units and three corridors were contaminated. The first priority was to develop a cleanup strategy for the asbestos contamination in the affected corridors because they were the pathways to access the units.

To complicate the situation, the property was in escrow and set to close within six weeks. The property owners requested that ATI perform all aspects of the job to ensure that there were no delays. ATI was responsible for pack-out, decontamination, storage and retrieval of all content. In addition, ATI’s skilled crew completed asbestos abatement, decontaminated each unit and repaired all water, smoke and fire-damaged areas.

Despite the short time frame, to the client’s great satisfaction, ATI completed the work before the close of escrow.

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