Gary Moore


Gary Moore, founder and Chairman of ATI, is committed to ensuring that the ATI family legacy and entrepreneurial spirit continues to serve its employees and clients in meaningful ways.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and industry pioneer, Gary followed his passion and established his own restoration and reconstruction services company in 1989 after working in the insurance restoration industry for 15 years. Business plan in hand, Gary met with several banks to secure a loan to fund his new venture. Unsuccessful yet undeterred, he took out an equity line of credit on his home, and ATI was born.

Gary’s visionary leadership style is characterized by his ability to identify and seize opportunities that provide value to clients and drive innovation. His response to the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 doubled the business, introduced a new line of service (construction) and established brand credibility.   

With his dedication to excellence, Gary’s reputation for customer service has helped shape ATI’s quality standards of today. His innovative approach has enabled ATI to adapt to changing client needs and scale operations swiftly. Today, Gary’s three sons, each holding a key role within ATI, continue to embody this entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to growth. 

Gary has guided ATI over the years to prioritize attracting and retaining top talent through training, benefits and growth opportunities. He has fostered a family culture of inclusion and empowers employees to give back to their local communities. 

In 2023, Gary and his three sons created the Moore Family Scholarship fund to help ATI employees and their families achieve their professional goals and dreams. Gary also served as a board member of the Orange County Ronald McDonald House for eight years and is committed to supporting the health of children in need of vital medical care.

Demonstrating his leadership skills, Gary won the 2023 EY Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year award, which recognizes entrepreneurs who are building a better world.

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