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ATI’s disaster recovery services include highly certified responders and over 30 years of experience to restore what you’ve lost, whether through a restoration, a rebuild, or a combination of both. We’re ready to help residential property owners save time and money by salvaging and restoring the parts and pieces left from a catastrophe. Our technology and experts get your home back to pre-loss condition.

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If your home experiences a large loss due to a disaster, our Catastrophe Services (CAT) Team are here to help. Supplemented by our strategically placed and equipped CAT Trailers, ATI offers immediate support and a thorough scope of services and equipment that can become available within 48 hours of deployment throughout the continental U.S., so we can get you home faster.


Before disaster strikes, our technicians can help you plan ahead, evaluating your property and identifying vulnerable areas where you can proactively make repairs, preventing further damage should a catastrophic event occur. After disasters, our emergency services team mobilizes quickly to evaluate and devise a restoration plan for both your building and its contents, getting you back to your daily life as soon as possible. 

Following disasters, homeowners usually need a blend of disaster recovery services to fully repair their homes. Storms can lead to standing water that seeps into the foundations and compromises a home’s strength, requiring structural repair. Trees may fall on a roof that needs reconstruction, allowing moisture intrusion and leading to potential mold remediation. Storm damage may have cut an electrical line and sparked a fire. Fires requiring a fire hose to be used will require water damage repair as well as smoke soot and odor removal. The scenarios are endless. No matter the disaster, our fast response time and our comprehensive repair services will get you back in your home quickly.

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