Year in Review: Power Up Your Restoration Program Today!

New Year, Fresh Start

As the holiday season is behind us, this is the time of year when many of us resolve to improve, and your business deserves the same. January is the perfect time to take stock of whether your restoration or disaster recovery arrangements match your current needs, and what you can do to level up the program.

To help you with this process, check out our latest blog HERE to review the top 5 items you should discuss with your restoration contractor today.


ATI’s Year in Review

ATI had a tremendous year in 2023. Our company grew and focused on ways to offer ever-higher quality services to our clients. Here’s a brief overview of what we accomplished this year:

Internal Growth

ATI rolled out a new enterprise resource planning platform, integrating three world-class back-office systems to support our current business needs and streamline future operations. Our CEO, David Carpenter, remarked, “Unifying our technology platforms is a significant step forward for ATI. Coordinating these tools paves the way for greater efficiency and transparency as we continue to grow.”

External Expansion

This year, we added eight new firms and 30 offices through mergers and acquisitions. We added Regional Offices in Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia, and we strengthened our existing coverage in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Full-Service Support

Whether it was responding to a major fire loss in California, helping businesses cope with a freeze in Boston, or wrapping up a year-long reconstruction job on Captiva Island, our teams handled emergency services and repair projects in communities across the nation. We completed 102,000+ jobs that ranged from a few thousand to millions of dollars. Last year, we provided services of equal proportions across our various service offerings.

As we continue building a company centered around meeting our clients’ needs, we are focused on employee development, company culture, and standardization of processes to generate even greater value this year.


Sector Spotlight: Water Damage Recovery for Multifamily Unit

In July 2023, ATI received an emergency service call from one of the nation’s largest privately held real estate development companies. A broken water pipe leaked from an upstairs unit in one of the company’s multifamily housing units, affecting units upstairs and downstairs.

In less than four hours, ATI’s work crews were on the scene. To expedite restoration work, we removed all wet flooring and baseboards, drywall, insulation, and other non-salvageable materials. We also discovered mold from a previously undetected leak behind the toilet and tub surround and performed remediation tasks, removing wall materials and deep cleaning to decontaminate the area.

Our team set up containment and used dehumidifiers and air movers to establish a negative airflow, then monitored moisture levels daily. At the conclusion of our project, we engaged an independent environmental testing laboratory, which certified our abatement process.

If your company suffers from a burst pipe or other water damage this winter, our team is on standby to help.

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