Start The New Year Off Right With A Strong Emergency Response Agreement

Happy New Year from ATI!

As we enter 2022, the ATI Family would like to thank all of you for being a part of our community. The past year had us working hard to restore your properties and keep your assets safe. We know it has been challenging for businesses to manage impacts related to COVID, fires, and floods, and we are proud to be your trusted disaster restoration and recovery provider.

The new year is a great time to get your business affairs in order, including preparations for any potential disasters. As you’re creating or updating your business continuity plan, our team can help when it comes to setting up an Emergency Response Agreement (ERA). It’s important to evaluate your property’s vulnerabilities and risks, and then establish a plan for mitigating the risks in the event of a disaster scenario. It’s crucial to have a plan of action for when disaster does strike because your priority will be to respond, recover and restore as quickly as possible to minimize business interruption. Taking time to establish this ERA may give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have a process in place to expedite recovery.


An ERA allows your business to receive priority service in the event of a weather disaster that impacts an entire community, or even an entire state or region. Such preferential recovery services will reduce downtime and cut the cost of the disaster, allowing your business to resume as soon as possible. In addition, an ERA’s pre-determined pricing will take the guesswork out of your recovery budget process.

The most critical factor in recovering from a disaster is time. The longer it takes to respond to a disaster, the higher the cost of recovery. If you haven’t already established an Emergency Response Agreement, add it to your New Year’s resolution list as a proactive way to prepare for disasters and emergencies. From the wrath of Mother Nature to a plumbing emergency, when disaster strikes, you want to make sure you’re aligned with a disaster recovery company you can trust.

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