Spring Forward With ATI’s HVAC Maintenance Tips

Spring is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to check your HVAC system for repairs before the summer demand hits. HVAC system checks are an essential component of facility management. They promote energy efficiency, prevent breakdowns, and ensure the well-being of your building’s occupants. Regular HVAC maintenance is a cost-effective strategy that pays off in terms of system longevity, performance, and overall operational efficiency.

We have put together a blog explaining why HVAC maintenance is so important, plus a helpful checklist with a calendar of maintenance items for your facility. Check them out HERE.

Women in Construction Week


As a leading restoration and disaster recovery services company, ATI understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in our historically male-dominated industry. Women bring diverse and innovative perspectives, creativity, and problem-solving approaches, improving our ability to tackle complex restoration and recovery challenges for our clients.

That’s why we invest in comprehensive training and development programs to empower all our employees, including women in our workforce, to facilitate career growth and build upon unique strengths. These initiatives ensure that every ATI team member has the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

This month, we celebrate Women in Construction Week, March 3 to 9, by kicking off a two-part series to highlight some of the incredible women working for our company who share their accomplishments and advice for women pursuing careers in restoration and construction. We are so proud to have these incredible women as part of ATI! Read some of their stories HERE.


Golden Hammer Awards

Contractor Connection, a third-party administrator that ATI partners with for residential jobs, recently selected eight of our offices as their top contractors in their network based on overall performance, quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to recognize these award-winning ATI offices:

  • Carolina Restoration Services (North Carolina)
  • GraEagle (Nevada)
  • Jenkins (Maryland)
  • Jenkins (Virginia)
  • Professional Restoration (Colorado)
  • Venturi (Augusta, Georgia)
  • Venturi (Apex, North Carolina)
  • Venturi (Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Our teams’ commitment to excellence drives high-quality services to our clients.


ATI President Jeff Moore Speaks on Building a Strong Culture


Jeff Moore, ATI’s President and Chief Acquisitions Officer, recently led a presentation at Verisk Elevate 2024 with Leighton Healey, CEO at KnowHow, on how to create an employment experience that encourages high employee performance and loyalty. Jeff shared how to attract and retain staff, including how to train and empower top talent and grow future leaders through techniques such as planning for the future, avoiding talent hoarding, and building career paths. Jeff taught the audience that a sign of being a world-class manager is recruiting talent smarter than you and building a culture for them to grow.

We aim to create this culture at ATI. Every day, we are thankful for the loyalty, dedication, and productivity of our team. We couldn’t serve you without them. If you have a restoration or reconstruction project that requires help from the best team in the business, let us know.


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