How ATI Sparks Post-Wildfire Recovery for Businesses

As the wildfire season approaches, it is time to start preparing for the toll these disasters can take on your property.

In this month’s whitepaper, we share tips on how to get ready for wildfire season. Here, we showcase success stories where we helped clients recover from wildfire damage.


Commercial Client

After one of the most destructive wildfires in history, a company with a million-square-foot campus turned to ATI. Four of the company’s five buildings suffered ash, soot, and odor damage; the other burned to the ground. The risks were high, given the client’s cutting-edge technology and sensitive equipment.

Over the course of the yearlong recovery, ATI maintained 200 to 300 people on-site, expediting recovery to minimize business disruption. The ATI team moved its mobile catastrophe trailers and generators to the worksite and used state-of-the-art equipment and technology in its restoration efforts:

The project ended on schedule and with the client praising ATI’s “can do, will do, and what’s next attitude.”



School District

After the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history, a school district asked ATI to help with eight schools that required smoke, soot, and odor removal across thousands of square feet—indoor and outdoor—so that staff and students could return in just three days.

To expedite its response, ATI deployed its catastrophe trailers to the site. We tapped into our extensive network and secured 90 personnel to work throughout the project, power washing the exterior walls, walkways, and playground equipment. To ensure safety, we performed a magnetic sweep of exterior areas to collect metallic debris that could cause injury. We also worked with an industrial hygienist specializing in wildfires to set a standard that would ensure the safe re-entry of staff and students.

ATI mitigated future risks by replacing 700 tons of soft ground covering near the school with sand and rubber composite mulch. To address the risks of contaminated water, we used our pre-negotiated pricing with national vendors to secure bottled water and 160 sanitary washing stations.

As a result, the school district returned to campus safely and on schedule.


Ready to Rise from the Ashes?

ATI works with businesses of all sizes to recover from wildfire damage. Contact us today to learn more about our fire and smoke damage restoration services.


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Merger News

ATI recently announced its merger with Carolina Restoration Services, a week after acquiring Venturi Restoration. The strategic partnership with Carolina Restoration Services provides ATI a stronger presence in North Carolina; complements its existing offices in the Carolinas, Florida, and Georgia; and demonstrates its long-term commitment to the Southeast.



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