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When your home or business is confronted with unforeseen events such as stormy weather, water damage, fire, or even a vehicle accident, the vulnerability of your property can escalate quickly, leaving it exposed to further damage. In these moments, swift action to secure the property becomes vitally important.

Emergency board-up services are an essential component of the restoration process. Offering protection and security for both homes and businesses, these services are designed to cover exposed areas, reinforce damaged structures, and prevent additional harm from external factors or unauthorized entry. By deploying emergency board-up measures, you ensure that your property remains safeguarded, minimizing the risk of additional complications and setting the foundation for a smoother, more efficient restoration effort.

If you’re facing an emergency that has left your property exposed, ATI Restoration is here to help. With our 24-Hour Emergency Response, we can have a crew of licensed and experienced reconstruction professionals to your property in no time at all. Contact us online or call us today for immediate assistance.

Why Use Board-Up Services?

Boarding up your property after a disaster serves as the first line of defense against additional damage following man-made and natural disasters. ATI Restoration offers these services to both residential and commercial property owners to address issues such as:

Severe Weather Damage

Emergency board-up services provide a barrier against natural disasters such as tropical storms and hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and floods. These events can cause severe structural damage to homes and businesses, including shattered windows and torn siding. By securing your property with sturdy, reliable boarding, ATI Restoration helps minimize the risk of these elements causing further deterioration to your building.

Vehicle Impact

When vehicles run into buildings, the resulting structural breaches need immediate attention. ATI Restoration’s rapid response board-up services ensure that these openings are quickly and securely covered, safeguarding your property from additional exposure to environmental elements and unauthorized entry.

Vacant Property Security

Unoccupied properties are particularly vulnerable to vandalism and inclement weather. ATI Restoration’s board-up services protect these properties by sealing off entry points. This deters unauthorized access and reduces the likelihood of damage until the property can be sold or repaired.

Fire Damage Mitigation

After a fire, exposed areas of a structure are particularly susceptible to the elements. Boarding up these areas is vital to maintaining the integrity of what remains of both residential and commercial properties. ATI Restoration’s board-up services help shield these vulnerable points from further damage as you prepare for the restoration process.

Preventative Measures

In areas prone to severe weather, preemptive boarding can be a critical measure to protect your property. ATI Restoration offers preventative board-up services that can help you avoid the extensive damage and repairs often necessitated by tropical storms and other natural disasters.

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ATI Restoration offers a wide range of services, including water damage restoration, mold remediation, and complete reconstruction options. We employ restoration and reconstruction professionals from a variety of building trades and backgrounds. This enables us to address every aspect of the project—from emergency board-up through finishing touches—ensuring every step meets our exacting standards. Doing all work in-house also enables us to reduce red tape, minimize disruptions, and get you back to normal in a fraction of the time required by many other restoration and reconstruction firms.

Cost-Effective Benefits of Boarding Up

Using board-up services after a disaster can offer several—often substantial—long-term financial benefits. These include:

ATI Restoration’s commitment to rapid response and professional service reduces the time and expense typically associated with post-disaster recovery. Available 24/7/365, we are here to provide peace of mind at every step of the recovery process.

ATI Restoration's Commitment to Excellence

ATI Restoration is deeply committed to providing swift emergency board-up services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of IICRC-certified professionals is thoroughly trained to manage all aspects of securing properties and preventing additional damage, all while adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

With ATI Restoration, you can expect:


24-Hour Emergency Response

Disasters do not adhere to a schedule. That's why we provide around-the-clock response services. We understand the urgency of securing your property as quickly as possible after damage occurs. Our prompt, reliable service ensures that your property is protected at all times, helping to alleviate additional stress following damage.


Expert Handling

Our team's expertise is unparalleled in the industry. With licensed, experienced, and certified professionals from trades—including carpentry, masonry, and roofing—our teams apply their deep knowledge and skills to ensure that every board-up is executed flawlessly, providing maximum protection and stability.


Nationwide Service

With over 65 regional offices, our extensive network allows us to deliver rapid, effective service nationwide. This capability helps to minimize wait times and reduces the risk of further damage. Our nationwide presence also means we can mobilize resources quickly to any location, further enhancing our ability to provide emergency services exactly when they’re needed most.


Comprehensive Solutions

Beyond emergency board-up services, ATI Restoration offers a full spectrum of restoration and recovery services. From initial damage assessments and cleanup to complete structural repairs and reconstruction, we provide integrated solutions to help clients navigate the recovery process smoothly. We even help streamline the permitting process and filing of insurance paperwork to reduce unnecessary delays and eliminate additional stressors.

At ATI Restoration, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of businesses and homeowners by delivering the highest level of service and professionalism in every task we undertake. When disaster strikes and you need help without hassles, we are here to secure your property, assess the damage, and provide a clear path toward recovery.

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If you’re facing property damage and need immediate assistance, contact ATI Restoration right away. Available 24/7/365, our team of restoration professionals is here to spring to action whenever you need us—night or day—and provide the services you need to secure your property and prevent further damage.

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