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Does the air smell like mildew when your HVAC system cycles on and off? If your office or home isn’t properly ventilated and experiences excess moisture, mold could be growing in your ductwork, and you might not even be able to see it.

Visible mold can appear if there has been water damage and the excess moisture creates a mold infestation. But when mold grows inside of your air duct, it can be more difficult to detect.

Mold can lurk and grow in air ducts and cause allergic reactions like sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, a runny nose, and a scratchy throat. Mold infestation and mold exposure can cause not only health problems, but it can also ruin your HVAC system and indoor air quality.

To reduce the risk to your health and property, get mold remediation help right away.

What are the health risks of mold in air ducts?

If you have mold growth or a mold infestation in your commercial or residential property, your friends, family, employees, or tenants are at risk for developing health problems. Mold spores blowing from air vents or flowing through an entire HVAC system can affect your sinuses and lungs. 

Prolonged exposure to black mold can lead to allergic reactions:

Left untreated, what may seem like a bothersome cold could actually lead to asthma and other asthma-like symptoms.

How do you clean out mold from an air duct?

As a property or
business owner, you may be considering tackling the mold removal on your own. While it may seem tempting to DIY mold removal to save money, it’s important that the removal is handled properly to ensure the problem is fully eradicated.

Washing the outside of your air conditioner with bleach can help get rid of the musty odor for a time, but it will not last for the long term. Unless you’re able to take the unit apart, you won’t be able to access the other breeding grounds for mold. 

Other DIY cleaning solutions may include baking soda and water. While these are great options, they will not kill mold and the musty smells and health issues will continue.

At the first signs of mold, don’t DIY. Contact ATI Restoration. We have years of experience in mold remediation and removal and serve locations across the US . Our nearby air duct cleaning service will ensure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is blowing clean.

Get rid of mold in your air ducts


Contact our ATI Restoration team for quick, reliable mold remediation that will rid your property of black mold and musty odors. Our team of technicians will review your entire HVAC system and ductwork, both inside at out. 

We will inspect for water damage in and around your systems to identify all the places where mold could grow. 

After the initial inspection, we’ll offer recommendations for how to best remediate the problem. Our technicians will use EPA-approved methods to thoroughly clean and disinfect your ductwork and HVAC system. 

In addition, ATI Restoration will help you maintain your newly clean and disinfected systems by promoting healthy air quality methods like adding HEPA filters to your HVAC system and other air purifier solutions. 

Contact ATI Restoration today to learn how we can help. Don’t let a mold problem prevent you from running your business or enjoying your property.


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