Technology-Driven Disaster Response and Recovery

Technology-Driven Disaster Response and Recovery

Each year, the latest technology tools and gadgets tend to end up on the top of gift wish lists because they simplify lives and create efficiencies. At ATI, we understand the benefits of technology and fully embrace tools that benefit our clients who experience setbacks from a severe winter storm or other disasters like a wildfire, flood, or hurricane.

Here are some disaster recovery tech tools that are crucial in bringing facilities back online and businesses back up and running after a major event.

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Drones can gather visual data faster than manual inspections, and they can more easily get to locations where humans can’t. With drones, we can safely and accurately measure buildings, create detailed project maps, and document structural damage,  including aerial maps of hail damaged roofs.

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Thermal imagery

This noninvasive technology detects infrared radiation and highlights temperature disparities in facilities so we can pinpoint problems before they spiral out of control. For example, thermal imagery can detect electrical problems, energy losses, and plumbing leaks, even when hidden behind walls or ceilings.

3d scanning

3D imagery

Our 3D digital assets enable ATI’s project directors to write complete repair scopes virtually using measurement tools and high magnification power. Virtual scans of large properties can reduce inefficiencies in field estimating, cut down on estimation time, and improve sketch accuracy. This saves time, lowers costs, and closes claims faster.

Electrostatic Sprayer

This tool discharges an electrostatically charged mist that covers and disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces and objects, controlling the spread of viruses and other germs. Our sprayer technology applies chemicals in a precise, controlled manner, covers 54,000 square feet per hour, and saves nearly 50% on solution costs.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Our state-of-the-art ultraviolet mobile units use green technology, UVGI, to decontaminate air, water, and surfaces. UVGI kills or inactivates spores, viruses, bacteria, and fungi using short- wavelength ultraviolet light. With UVGI, we can minimize waste disposal and reduce our carbon footprint.

Weather Alert Platform

We monitor national and regional weather trends so we can anticipate natural disasters. By analyzing data and images from satellite networks in real-time, we can keep you informed, prepare for impending events, and deploy our teams and trailers to areas where they’ll have the greatest impact.

Discover the Value of ATI’s Technology

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