Trends in Fire Prevention and Restoration

Effective fire risk management is no longer an option; it is a business imperative. In 2022, nonresidential structure fires resulted in staggering losses, including property damage of $4 billion, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Given the current state of the market, fire prevention strategies are more important to businesses than ever. Here are three current trends that suggest the need for your business to take a more proactive stance.

Supply Chain Volatility

While supply chain issues have improved since the peak of COVID-19, receiving new equipment and parts could still take much longer if your facility suffers a fire. Businesses may need to take steps such as finding alternate suppliers and rethinking their inventory strategy to reduce supply chain risks.


Stricter Compliance Requirements

Federal and state governments are imposing stricter standards on businesses, such as OSHA regulations and NFPA standards. For example, NFPA standards require regular inspections of electrical equipment, arc flash analyses, fire protection systems, preventive maintenance systems, and more. Proactive attention to compliance can help businesses avoid fines as well as expensive damage and injuries down the road.


Smart Fire Suppression Systems

More businesses are integrating smart technologies in their fire prevention strategies. These systems can automatically detect changes that may indicate the presence of a fire or increased risk of ignition using Internet of Things sensors that monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. These systems are often equipped with sprinklers, foam systems, and water mist systems that activate upon detecting a fire. These systems can also integrate with HVAC, lighting, and other systems to enable coordinated responses to a fire, such as shutting down ventilation systems to prevent the spread of smoke.

ATI is here to help if your facility is recovering from a fire. Contact us to learn more about our services, and download our whitepaper to discover strategies for reducing fire risks.

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RIA Recap: Awards, Elections, and Panel Discussions

ATI has lots of news from this month’s International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo, sponsored by the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

First, we proudly announce that ATI has won RIA’s 2024 Phoenix Award in the Reconstruction category. This award recognizes high achievers in disaster restoration. ATI was honored for its work restoring a multifamily property with more than 117 affected units after Winter Storm Elliott caused widespread water damage.

Next, we are thrilled that Jeff Moore, ATI’s President and Chief Acquisitions Officer, was elected to RIA’s Board of Directors as its next President. Jeff most recently served as the board’s Vice President. Jeff also received the Golden Quill Award from C&R Magazine during the RIA Expo for his article Add a Zero: Proven Strategies for Growing Your Restoration Business. The award celebrates Jeff’s visionary leadership that drives our industry forward.

Finally, two of ATI’s leaders spoke at the Expo. ATI’s CEO, David Carpenter, was part of a panel on business success in the restoration industry. In another session, ATI’s Head of Recruiting, Stephen Curran, shared employee recruitment and retention strategies.


Catch ATI at Risk World in San Diego


If you are attending the RIMS conference Risk World in San Diego from May 5 to 8, we would love to see you. Stop by our booth, in the expo hall to meet our team and learn about the services we can provide for you.  We will be at booth #145.  Looking forward to seeing you there.


Part 2 – Women in Construction


Last month, we celebrated Women in Construction Week by highlighting some of the achievements of the amazing women working to make ATI the leader in the restoration industry. We had so many nominees that we’re continuing our stories this month. Learn about these women’s career paths and read their advice HERE.


More Ways to Serve You – Now in the Big Apple!

We’re pleased to announce that we recently expanded our services in New York City and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties by adding 4 Seasons Restoration to the ATI family. Adding this customer-focused, full-service restoration contractor to our portfolio gives us more ways to serve you in the Northeast.

Reach out to discuss how we can help with your next restoration or reconstruction project.

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