Protect Your Properties from Winter Weather Disasters

You can’t always predict when a winter disaster will strike, but you can take steps to prepare. As we enter the holiday season, start by understanding your specific risks. If the properties you manage are on the on the East Coast or in the Midwest, watch out for high winds, freezing sleet or ice, and heavy snowfall. If you’re on the West Coast or in the Pacific Northwest, it’s best to prepare for possible mudslides or landslides in connection with extreme winter weather.

Regardless of where you are, be aware of freezing conditions, which can lead to burst pipes. Even a single pipe burst can cost you and your business thousands of dollars in damages, clean-up, and repair fees.

The key is to prepare ahead of time for the winter. Inventory your disaster supplies kit, establish a clear emergency communication plan, and prepare your property to keep out the cold with insulation, caulking, and weather stripping.

Winter Weather Facts

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How Businesses Can Recover Faster

When winter disasters strike, businesses call the disaster recovery specialists at ATI. Our team of trained professionals assesses the situation and makes recommendations to accelerate recovery and repairs so your company can get back to business quickly and safely. We work with insurance companies and help clients with post-storm pipe burst clean-upsdemolitiondebris removal and structural repairsContact us today to learn how ATI can help you prepare for the upcoming winter season.

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Download our complimentary whitepaper, How to Protect Facilities During the Winter Season, to learn more about how property owners and managers can properly assess risk and reduce the potential damage from natural disasters that occur during the winter season.

Whitepaper - How to Protect Facilities During the Winter Season
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