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After a natural disaster or accident, contact the team at ATI so we can assess your property. We will work closely with your insurance company and its adjusters and make recommendations for recovering materials, removing debris, and reconstructing your property.

It is an upgrade that is made when your property’s pre-loss condition no longer meets current, legal building codes. Your insurance company may recognize code upgrades in the estimation process. Any questions regarding code upgrades should be directed to your insurance adjuster.

When required, ATI’s Project Manager will take out the appropriate permit(s) on your behalf. If applicable, permit fees are included in the estimate and may be covered by the insurance company.

Knowledge and skill are beneficial if you need to reconstruct a property after a disaster. A reconstruction team is prepared to act quickly and identify barriers to success. They will remove debris, prepare the site, and then create plans to execute your vision. 

Property owners want graffiti cleaned up fast. Graffiti removal products and techniques—such as pressure washing—can make it possible to clean most surfaces easily so that you can get back to work and life. The overall time can vary based on the surface and paint type and the size of the installation. Our experts can scope how long the repairs will take once they have seen the damage.

Graffiti cleaning techniques vary greatly based on the type of surface to which it was applied and the paint used. Porous surfaces, such as stone, brick, or concrete, need to be cleaned differently than protected surfaces, such as metal signs. 

We can remove graffiti successfully with minimal to no damage, which often involves power washing with biodegradable cleansers. The experts at ATI will be best able to outline your options once they assess the damage.

Drafting a thorough business continuity plan prior to any disaster is key. Outside of a remote work plan, many building owners identify temporary office options in the event of structural disaster recovery. Ask us for our expert opinion on how you can minimize business interruption during this time

Structural cleaning lets our team remove debris and stains from the building’s steel, concrete, or wooden frame, removing soot or burns that could damage the integrity of the building long-term. This cleaning also allows the team a better view of what may need repair. 

Recovery and restoration services salvage and restore your building and its contents to their original condition after a disaster. These services are focused on repair to damage. Recovery or restoration is often covered under insurance policies, while renovations are not. Renovations are typically reserved for the building itself, not the contents within a building.

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