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This depends on the level of damage your building has experienced, but we often phase the restoration to get tenants back into the space as quickly and safely as possible. Repair time also depends on any damage done to the building’s structure, which may not be immediately evident. If the building requires no reconstruction, the restoration process can happen quickly. Many aspects of a restoration can be a continuous process. Regular duct cleaning is required to completely remove particles, annual water and moisture mapping for mold is necessary to keep it under control, and general inspections are recommended to make sure the restoration is supporting a safe and functional building.

After a natural disaster or accident, contact the team at ATI so we can assess your property. We will work closely with your insurance company and its adjusters and make recommendations for recovering materials, removing debris, and reconstructing your property.

Depending on what’s been documented and prepped before a disaster, getting your business back in good condition will depend on the damage, building type and age, and contents condition. Recovery and restoration experts can assess the damage and give an estimated schedule on the time it will take to repair. Contact one of our restoration experts to learn more about the process that is needed for restoring your commercial property.

Disaster recovery teams that handle contents can pack up, clean, repair, deodorize, store and track inventory, and handle every aspect of managing your contents during tumultuous times.

Document restoration, electronics/machinery restoration, fabrics or fibrous material restoration including services like dry cleaning and deodorization, removing contaminants from hard contents, art, heirlooms, antiques, and general Environmental Services are all part of what ATI offers for contents cleaning, recovery, and restoration.

Contents vary from client to client but can include documents, electronics, furniture, collectibles, heirlooms, artwork, area rugs, etc.

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